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Bethany & Jake Barnyard Beauty in Orange County

September 28, 2013 at Inn at Westwood Farm

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This beautiful September soirée just has me smiling from ear to ear this morning, so big thanks to Becca B Photography for sending it our way! Bethany & Jake, unknowingly childhood neighbors, crossed paths a few times before their relationship began and eventually grew into a lifelong love. The beautiful Inn at Westwood Farm proved to be the perfect setting for the naturally romantic farm wedding that they dreamed about. And my favorite details for the day? Definitely the groomsmen's Bury the Bourbon tradition and the surprise late night snack of Charlottesville's iconic Carpe Donut! Congrats to the newlyweds!

Our Love Story

Bethany & Jake first crossed each other's paths in elementary school, meeting again briefly in high school and finally meeting after college at the hometown dive, Vienna Inn. That night as they walked home together, they discovered their families were neighbors! That was the final “meeting” and their courtship quickly blossomed from that night. After six months of growing their long distance relationship, Bethany packed up her life in Northern Virginia and moved up to Boston, MA to join Jake and officially start their life together.

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Inn at Westwood Farm in Charlottesville
Inn at Westwood Farm Elizabeth Goeke Farms
Becca B Photography in Charlottesville
Becca B Photography Becca Bronkema Photographers
Roadside Chive in Charlottesville
Roadside Chive Currey Fountain Catering

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