About This Wedding

Nestled between two rolling hills, dotted with red, gold, & orange on this gorgeous autumn day, Casey & Josh pledged their vows while their guests cozied up with blankets & tissues. Not only was this wedding the epitome of country chic, but it was an homage to history to boot with the President James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland as the venue and Casey's mother's vintage wedding dress & veil.

Our Love Story

There was a reason I left my friends and family in South Carolina for a new adventure, I just didn’t know what it was at the time. Ready to be on my own, I randomly chose the college town of Charlottesville, Virginia, and was lucky enough to secure a job with University of Virginia Health System as a Registered Nurse. Being without any friends or support system, I secretly wondered what on earth had I been thinking! Then fate stepped in and Josh entered my life by way of a mutual friend. Josh had grown up in Charlottesville and soon I found the fun and adventure I had been looking for along with something much greater. I had found the man I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Even though we talked of “someday,” I was taken totally by surprise on a mountain top at his family’s farm. As the sun set over the surrounding peak Josh asked me to be his wife. It was the perfect proposal and set the standard for all the planning and celebrating that soon followed. Our goal was to make our wedding day one that brought together all the people, places and sentiments that were important to us. And to make sure we had it all recorded properly!


In an effort to stretch our budget, my mom and a team of her talented friends got creative and designed and printed our wedding invitations, tablecloths, signage, reception décor, and ceremony programs. My mom, sister, even my dad, and I shed a sentimental tear when I tried on my mother’s wedding dress and knew it was the one! With a few updates and hand-sewn adjustments, I made her dress my own. The family heirloom veil matched and I felt that I captured the perfect vintage look for our historic venue, Ash Lawn-Highland, the plantation home of our 5th President, James Monroe.

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