About This Wedding


We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding with the inspiration and colors coming from nature. Our goal was for our guests to feel like they were coming to a fun celebration - with a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. Our venue, Castle Hill Cider, was the perfect blank canvas for us. Beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, rolling hills, apple orchards, and a perfect barn were so important to our vision. We incorporated wild flowers, burlap, chalkboards, and mason jars for the final effect.

The Couple


Co-founder & CEO of hotelicopter, entrepreneur extraordinaire.


Teacher at Frost Montessori, wrangler of small children.

Our Love Story

We met though a mutual friend of ours in Charlottesville. Only friends for a few months, we reconnected at one of Adam's famous 4th of July parties. We fell in love over a series of World Cup viewings, long dates at our favorite neighborhood restaurants, hikes in the woods, and amazing trips together.

Adam proposed on Christmas morning, on a dock in Caye Caulker, Belize. A well thought out proposal, he had wrapped the ring in a conch shell, placed in a bag disguised as a Christmas present. Needless to say, we spent the remainder of our "engagement moon" in a blissful love haze.


It was very important to us that our wedding reflect our personalities and have lots of personal touches. We were lucky enough to have friends that gave us some of their wedding decorations, which we recycled and put a different spin on. Bird cages, lanterns, and candles we turned, with the help of bronze spray paint, into beautiful accent pieces that perfectly fit our style. The seating cards were my labor of love :) After finding the perfect cards on Etsy, I wrote out the names, used our custom stamp and some extra stickers for embellishment, tied them with ribbons, and attached them by miniature clothespins to twine held by two stakes. The table numbers were made with the help of my father and a great idea from 100 layer cake. After collecting large cans from local restaurants, we stenciled the numbers, drilled out the design, and spray painted them bronze -- we loved the finished product!

Words of Wisdom

Have fun with it! There is so much planning, thought, and preparation that goes into a wedding, I think sometimes you lose track of what's really important. Don't forget that this is an exciting time and it will pass quickly, so make time to not talk about the wedding and just enjoy each other's company. The day will come and go but you will be with your fiancé forever. On the day of, just let it all go. There is bound to be something that won't go exactly as planned, so go with the flow and enjoy every moment. You have worked hard to make it happen! :)

What's Next

Many years of laughing, traveling, long talks, hiking with our sweet dog Ginny, and eventually starting a family. This is just the beginning :)

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