About This Wedding


I wanted our wedding to be classic, timeless, and fun. We were really looking for the perfect mixture of class, style, and comfort. It was important that every aspect of our wedding be "us." We brought elements of our relationship into each part of the wedding. For example, one of our favorite hobbies is spending the day hiking and wine tasting with our friends. The first vineyard we ever went to was Veritas Vineyards, so our venue actually picked us. When we were at JMU, we always went to Klines Dairy Bar for the "flavor of the week" on Thursdays. Our favorite flavor is black raspberry. Not to mention, when Alex took me on my scavenger hunt, one of the stops was Klines and the flavor of the week was black raspberry! So, we served black raspberry and chocolate ice cream from Klines at our wedding. Also, we've always collected our wine corks in mason jars, so incorporating hundreds of mason jars into our wedding was also a must. When picking our music, we knew our recessional would be to Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" because the song is special to us. When it came to my dress, I never buy dresses or skirts unless they have pockets so it was non-negotiable that my dress have pockets as well.

A funny story regarding our inspiration has to do with the grooms cake. One random night at dinner Alex blurts out, "Hey, I know what we should do for centerpieces!" "Ok..." (meanwhile they've been figured out months prior). "Let's have a pumpkin carving contest and put the winning pumpkins on the tables!" Well, he got his pumpkin... in cake form! In the end, sticking with inspirations from our own lives is what has made the day a living, breathing memory.

The Couple


We work part time as selectors for DC Teaching Fellows, a program that trains professionals and recent college grads to become highly effective teachers in DC public schools.

Our Love Story

We met spring of our junior year in undergrad at a mutual friend's birthday party. After realizing that we ran in the same circle of friends without ever meeting each other, we decided immediately that there was something important about our friendship. Within the final two weeks of the semester, we saw each other daily. During finals week, Alex planned our first actual date to Crabtree Falls, the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River, to hike for the afternoon. As luck would have it, I had an internship around the corner from Alex's house that summer and the rest is history. Four quick years later, Alex was scheming for an epic 10-day scavenger hunt where we visited all of the places that were important to us -- ending back at Crabtree Falls with a proposal.


My mom is responsible for so many aspects of our wedding. She saw my vision clearer than even I did. First, she did all of the florals, which was a huge gift. My bouquet has a special spot in my heart because my mom cared for the flowers, picked out each flower herself, and hand-tied it. The final product was better than anything I could have dreamed. Instead of carrying rings, my little "ring bearer" cousin carried a sign that said "YAY!" that my mom also made. Each centerpiece was made of decorated mason jars and unique lace doilies that we collected from around the house and from different antique stores. Instead of hiring a videographer, we had a close friend walk around with a video camera and interview our guests. It was raw, uncut, and very silly. He has footage of memories that would have never been caught by a professional. For the more traditional aspect of videography, we had my uncle capture the big events of the day on video.

Words of Wisdom

Planning: Start early and prioritize. We knew we wanted to get married at Veritas and we knew we wanted Jodi and Kurt to photograph our wedding. We booked both as soon as we could and then we asked them for references. The greatest benefit to starting early is that the references we were given were all available! We have received so many compliments on our team of vendors and we couldn't be happier with them. We love them all and we'd choose them again in a heartbeat! Have a pre-Wedding Honeymoon: Two weekends before the wedding, Alex and I Googled bed and breakfasts within 3 hours of our home. We booked at midnight on a Friday and arrived Saturday afternoon. We dropped all of our plans and just left. With the stress and demands of the wedding, it's easy to forget why you are planning this big party in the first place. Force yourselves to find quality time to remember who it is you fell in love with. The Big Day: I am extremely controlling and Type A. I promised myself to just "let it all go" the day of the wedding. The day will be perfect, even though it won't go exactly as planned. For example, the bus that was transporting most of our guests arrived super early, while we were taking family portraits! Everyone saw me in my dress before the ceremony! Did it matter in the long run? Not one bit. I went back upstairs to the bridal suite, my bridesmaids gave me some sparkling wine and we finished the family portraits later in the night. The Big Night: Ask your vendor to pack you doggie bags! Veritas packed us a late night dinner to-go. They also gave us a bottle of sparkling wine and champagne flutes to-go. With all of the excitement, you'll have no idea how hungry you actually are.

What's Next

Right before our wedding, we both graduated from grad school. Then, we were caught in the hustle of last-minute wedding plans. Since we are teachers, we waited until Thanksgiving break to go on our honeymoon (to Costa Rica -- I highly recommend!). By the time we returned, it was Christmas! We are just now settling back into a normal routine. This is the first time in our relationship that we haven't been in school and we haven't had to plan for a big event. It's incredible! We're relishing in our newfound leisure time. What's next for us is a whole lot of boring! When people ask us about having kids, we laugh and remind them that we've got plenty of them in our classrooms each day! Our future is going to have to wait for us because we're going to take our time being newlyweds!

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