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The Whole Cake

The Whole Cake in Napa

Making beautiful wedding cakes is a craft. We lovingly bake cakes and then use them as the material to build our design. A wedding cake design can be inspired by any number of elements: colors, patterns, seasons, memories, plant life, art, styles of the ages - anything that inspires you will be our inspiration for the design of your custom-made wedding cake. Cakes can have round or square tiers; but why not something different? Multiple cakes of different shapes and sizes all with a common theme, or unique like a jack-o-lantern, a flying saucer or a cheerful Buddha! We can have a meeting for you to taste our cakes and where we can sketch out some ideas. Then I will draw up a prototype with color and email it to you for your approval. A collaborative design effort means we are both excited to see the final product and know it is something really special. It makes cutting, sharing and eating a slice of your one-of-a-kind wedding cake a truly satisfying experience.

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Like thoughtful, creative design, a delicious tasting wedding cake is essential. We want moist, spongy cake that is a delight to eat. Our favorite cakes to bake have no eggs, no milk, no butter, or any other animal products for that matter. As an added bonus, baking this way generates much less waste than using traditional ingredients, so you can relieve some of that pesky carbon footprint guilt while indulging in your delectable cake! You are focused on the flavors - Dark Chocolate Coffee, Carrot Ginger, Vanilla Bean, Lemon Verbena or Zest, Coconut Cream, Chai Spice, Maple Sugar, & Toasted Almond, to name a few.

All of our fresh ingredients are California-grown. When you have a tasting with us we make sure the cakes you try include seasonal favorites such as citrus in winter, tree fruit in spring, berries in summer and oh-my-goodness-too-many-to-choose-from in Autumn.

And if grandma insists you have a traditionally baked wedding cake with eggs, butter, and milk? Well, we have great recipes for that too!