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The Whole Cake

The Whole Cake in Napa

Making beautiful wedding cakes is a craft. We lovingly bake cakes and then use them as the material to build our design. A wedding cake design can be inspired by any number of elements: colors, patterns, seasons, memories, plant life, art, styles of the ages - anything that inspires you will be our inspiration for the design of your custom-made wedding cake. Cakes can have round or square tiers; but why not something different? Multiple cakes of different shapes and sizes all with a common theme, or unique like a jack-o-lantern, a flying saucer or a cheerful Buddha! We can have a meeting for you to taste our cakes and where we can sketch out some ideas. Then I will draw up a prototype with color and email it to you for your approval. A collaborative design effort means we are both excited to see the final product and know it is something really special. It makes cutting, sharing and eating a slice of your one-of-a-kind wedding cake a truly satisfying experience.

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