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Some wedding are just so perfect, so beautiful, that you don't really have words for them. The bride and groom are so polished, so radiant, they are like something our of a dream. Every single detail of this Sonoma wedding was sheer perfection, right down to the sparkling tea lights decorating the tables. Did we mention the cake? One of the prettiest, dreamiest confections we have ever laid our eyes on. Get ready to dream of wine country in Northern California, this is all the lovely glamour you can imagine.

Devorah + Carlo

Family and friends traveled to Sonoma County from across the country and abroad to celebrate Devorah and Carlo’s wedding. Tradition was obviously an important element of the event – you could feel the warmth of family connections that filled the Trentadue Winery over the Fourth of July weekend. The beaming bride had the honor of wearing an heirloom veil that has been passed through generations of Carlo’s family, worn by over 30 proud women before her. In the Pittsburgh family’s tradition, thousands of homemade cookies were available for the guests, from a special recipe of Devorah’s late grandmother – all hand-made by her aunt for the occasion!

The highlight of the night was when guests danced the traditional Hora, hoisting the couple in the air in chairs in celebration. The joy and the fun of the day could not have been better displayed than through Devorah’s radiant smile and radiant blue eyes. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of wedding coordinator Heather Holliday, I was able to capture the stylish lovebirds against the lush, antique beauty of the winery, adding to an already poignant narrative filled with exquisite details and the heartwarming tradition of Devorah and Carlo’s families. Below, the bride shares the story of how she and Carlo met, and of his long-awaited proposal:

“Carlo and I met five years ago in business school at MIT Sloan. My first impression was that Carlo was a typical New York finance guy, but I found out I was wrong as soon as we started talking. We immediately hit it off after Carlo won me over with his uncanny ability to solve puzzles during a team building activity and with his declaration that the Grateful Dead was his favorite band. He quickly became my best friend at school, and ultimately my best friend in the world… One Memorial Day weekend, as I was sleepily drinking my coffee and reading a magazine in my pajamas, Carlo asked me to come into our home office to look at something on the computer, a common request to which I almost responded that I was busy. Luckily, I got up off the couch and went into the room, to find him on one knee with the ring of my dreams and an incredibly sweet proposal. After I said a very enthusiastic yes, we celebrated with an entire day of special meals and activities, inspired by our past and current lives together.”

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