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We believe everyone in the world deserves a beautiful wedding.

We help couples in 66 markets across the United States IMAGINE, PLAN, & BOOK their dream locally inspired wedding.

"We dreamed up Borrowed & Blue to be the wedding resource we wish existed when we were planning our own soiree in 2011.  We want your engagement to be fun, beautiful, and hassle-free, so you can focus on what is truly most important - each other!" Co-Founder, Christin Healey

About Us


Big thanks to Pando Creative Co. for the video!

Meet The Team

  • John DeMarchi

    Has a passion for art, design, & technology. Always excited for any new episode of The Venture Bros.

  • Christin Healey

    Photographer, dog mom, nature lover, explorer with an incurable case of wanderlust. Find me outside.

  • Kate Lynn Nemett

    Blue Ridge child turned big city poet. Sucker for fringe and feathers. Fed by sunshine, kale, and her son’s belly laugh.

  • Adam Healey

    Serial web entrepreneur, double-hoo, travel junkie, zen student, diving & outdoor enthusiast, amateur backpacker.

  • Virginia

    Miracle doggie. Loves belly rubs, long walks on the beach or trail, and tennis balls. Oh boy - tennis balls!

  • Cora

    Youngest pup, serious FOMO. Loves snuggling, chewing on big sis’s ears, and chasing squirrels. Squirrel!!!

  • Diane Cessna

    Software Engineer, dog lover, runner, Indiana Hoosier. Turning tacos into code in Austin, TX.

  • Keith Miller

    Keith is a Jersey kid who fell in love with a VA girl. A veteran marketer, UVA grad, and craft beer lover with a rising handicap.

  • Parker

    Loves basking in the sun, avoids the rain, and is *always* eager to say "Hi!" with a lick.

  • Slackbot

    I love primary colors, hosting intimate gatherings, recommending mildly inappropriate gifs, and Trevor Hinkle.

  • Audra Jones

    Feisty Georgian, shoe addict, dancing queen, vintage lover, list maker (color-coded, of course), and unabashed bibliophile.

  • Nate Giordano

    Virginian who met his beautiful English wife in Israel, adventured in India, loves exploring and wants to show his girls the promise of the earth.

  • Emily Cornella

    Seeks adventure in the ordinary. Loves sipping local wine, discovering new podcasts, and testing the human limits of gummy bear consumption.

  • Helen Alston

    Helen is a sassy, left-handed, reformed Englishwoman. She loves books, bikes, and blogging.

  • Stephanie DeVaux

    Foodie first, writer second. Never met an espresso martini she didn’t like. Longstanding member of the clean plate club.

  • Kingston Miller

    Kingston loves chasing his frisbee, swimming, stealing fruit off his coworkers’ desks, and long hikes (no leash, please).

  • Remie

    Impulse buy turned family member, Remie is a lovable red lab who is a little apprehensive about the world.

  • Laura Holshouser

    Beach girl who fell for mountain vistas. Equally enamored with Meg Ryan and George Lucas. Resident Disney addict.

  • Jennifer Reyes

    Software Engineer who enjoys beautiful weather, traveling and lifting heavy things. Loves spending time outdoors with her husband.

  • Carleton Di Leo

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