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9 Creative Ways to Entertain Wedding Guests

9 Creative Ways to Entertain Wedding Guests
Photo, Courtney Dox

Unlike many people, when it came to thinking about our reception timeline, I knew dancing wouldn't be a highlight. The biggest reason being that my fiancé doesn’t care for dancing and I’m indifferent. After seeing how fun dancing to songs like “Wagon Wheel” was at my friend’s wedding, I was worried about entertaining guests without dancing. Although we’re having a small wedding, it’s big enough to warrant something other than a focus on food and conversation. Research narrowed my choices to the following:


Highlight favorite food and/or drinks by offering tasting stations. We’re highlighting local favorite foods and drinks (think beer and wine) from Virginia as most of our guests are from out of town.


Games are a popular option to entertain wedding guests. Lawn games, such as horseshoes and tailgate toss, provide low-activity entertainment so guests can continue to mingle. Another fun option is including casino games in lieu of dancing.


If there’s a gap between your ceremony and reception or most of your guests are from out of town, providing a tour of local area attractions might be a good idea. If you’re getting married in a historic building or museum, consider scheduling a quick tour with a tour guide.

Photo Booths

A photo booth continues to be a popular option where guests can dress up in props and take silly pictures. They’ve even got a slow motion video edition now!

Professional Dancers

Entertain wedding guests during or after dinner by hiring professional dancers to perform. For example, if you’re having a destination wedding in Hawaii, incorporate aspects of a luau (or have one altogether!). Better yet, take dancing lessons with your wedding party to perform for your guests!


Either hire an artist to paint your ceremony and/or reception area as your Charlottesville wedding takes place or hire a caricaturist to draw your guests as a favor. The ways to incorporate an artist at your wedding are endless.

Cultural Performances and Traditions

Incorporating cultural aspects into the wedding, such as professional belly dancers or elephants, will not only entertain your guests but also set a foundation for a unified family.

Lounge Area

Creating a simple lounge area can be enough to put a smile on guests’ faces. Comfortable sofas, chairs, and tables will invite conversation and relaxation while guests soak in the event’s atmosphere.


This wedding is about you and your fiancé. What do two like to do together? Trivia? Karaoke? Turn it into a way to entertain wedding guests!

So far, we've decided to include games, tastings, and a lounge area. There will still be music in the background if anyone decides they want to hit the dance floor. I have a few ideas to entertain guests with our personal interests which will remain a secret until the wedding (can't reveal everything!). Are you planning any nontraditional approaches to entertaining guests?