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9 Wedding Cake Styles We Love

9 Wedding Cake Styles We Love
Photo, Amelia + Dan

Hooray! It’s your wedding day, and what better way to celebrate than to have a stunning & delicious wedding cake on display? Apart from the bride and groom, one of the stars of the party will be the ever-classic giant white cake taunting guests all through dinner as they wait for a piece. But what if you want something a little less giant or a little less white? As a pastry chef I have consulted with many brides on how to make their cake both special and unique – without going totally outside the realm of “classy wedding.” Here I’ve compiled nine of my favorite wedding cake styles that I think every bride should at least consider while she’s planning her special day. Enjoy!


This is such a fun way to use your wedding colors and to update that classic white cake. Whether on the outside or the inside of the cake, layering colors in an ombre style gives a special pop of color while allowing you to keep a little bit of white on as well.

Flower Power

If you want to keep it all white, but want something to set your cake apart, use flowers – lots and lots of them! When an entire tier of the cake is simply covered in fondant flowers it gives the cake a magical, exquisite feeling.


I love LOVE love individual wedding cakes! It takes the sophistication level up a notch when each guest has his or her own individual cake to enjoy. For tradition's sake, lots of couples still want to include a small cake to do the cake cutting with or to save for their first wedding anniversary.

If you like the idea of having individual cakes but it won’t work for your wedding, try a small wedding cake per table – it will give the same intimate feel of guests having their “own” cake but without needing 100 of them!

Color Me Married

If you aren’t the “all dressed in white” kind of bride, this cake might just be perfect for you! The classic style of simple stacked tiers becomes fresh and modern when the cake is brightly colored to match your soiree’s palette.

More is More

If you simply cannot decide on one design, then don’t! Lots of brides are having fun with three or more small wedding cakes. This is a genius solution for the fickle bride who can’t decide or the bride and groom who can’t agree on a style. (Bonus: If you have guests with food allergies, one of the cakes can be the allergen-free option!)

The Inside Scoop

Whether it’s a custom blend of “funfetti” sprinkles or colorful icing, it is always a fun twist to put something bright on the inside of the cake. This is a great compromise for any bride who really loves the idea of a more traditional white cake, but also wants to sneak in a surprise element of awesomeness. Guests will love seeing the inside so bright and cheerful!

Bling Bling

What’s a wedding without a little bling? Or a lot of bling!? Make your cake the shining star of the reception by decorating it in gold or platinum hues, pearls, or diamonds. Bring on the glam!

Groom’s Cake

To do this right, think of what your darling hubby-to-be loves more than anything (aside from you of course!) Is he a spiderman fanatic? A hunting guru? Or a Harley-riding hunk? You can serve the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner or for extra awesome bride points, serve it as the main cake at the wedding!

Dessert Table

Cake not your thing? Do a dessert table – the possibilities are endless! You can have a color-coded candy bar with containers for guests to take home (even better since this can double as your favor). A more elegant table might consist of an array of fancy macaroons, cake pops, and other miniature desserts. Or be brazen and skip sweets altogether with a sophisticated cheese and fruit bar (bonus points if you stack three cheese rounds to make a “cheese cake”!)

About the author: Megan is the owner & pastry chef of Haute Cakes Pastry Shop & Borrowed & Blue contributor. She just celebrated her first wedding anniversary and is expecting a baby boy in February. Go Megan!!

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