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DIY Wedding Project Idea: How to Ask Your Bridesmaids

My first DIY wedding project came when I was figuring out how to ask my girls to be my bridesmaids. I love the idea of creating a formal invitation that's both personal and meaningful. After all, your bridesmaids will most likely spend a lot of time and resources helping you create your perfect day. I scoured the Internet and found inspiration everywhere, but especially in these bridesmaid boxes and another one I love here. I stole many ideas from the box projects because it screamed creativity, meaningful, and caring. Other ideas I love include these paper chain bridesmaids, crafty cards, messages in a bottle, and secret messages. Without further ado, here's the nitty gritty on my bridesmaid invitations.

With so many ideas floating in my head, I wrote a list of what I wanted my invitation to accomplish. While I wanted to have fun, creative "stuff" inside, I wanted my girls to have an idea of my wedding theme, my "expectations," dress ideas, and other informative details about my wedding (even though they really knew already!). I decided to incorporate my wedding colors and include a few props (e.g., American flag, stars) to send a message about my Southern Jefferson wedding theme.

First, I focused on creating my card invitation suite (yes, a suite, involving multiple cards). My mom helped illustrate and watercolor several ideas. As a team, we created the following:

  • Will you be my bridesmaid? This card would appear first so I wanted it to have a symbol for a bridesmaid. My mom suggested a bouquet so I quickly looked up a few of my favorite bouquets on the Internet. She combined several bouquets into one to create the final image.

  • The Day: A brief description of the day followed by an illustration to preview the next informational card (certain details are whitened out if the design looks choppy).

  • The Role: A cheesy attempt to be funny - a card on "expectations" for my bridesmaids. Again, this card was followed by an illustration previewing the next card. I created the illustrations based off of three long J.Crew dresses I liked: Kylie, Nadia, and Arabelle.

  • The Attire: I included information about the ideal bridesmaid dresses since my girls are picking their dresses individually. I really love wedding parties that dress in one or two colors of the color palette but mix and match styles and even prints/patterns.

  • The Girls: The last card I included (since I knew they were all saying yes anyways!) was a brief intro on each of the bridesmaids. While Elysha and Kathryn are good friends from the undergrad days, I met Carolyn in graduate school so they were just meeting her. I thought this would be a cute way to give superlatives to each girl on what I think will happen at the wedding based on how well I know them.

DIY note: All illustrations were originally outlined in pencil on watercolor paper. I watercolored the design and outlined with an illustrator pen. Lastly, I scanned the image into Adobe Photoshop, tweaked any issues, and created the card in Adobe Illustrator with YouTube video guidance. Designs were printed on 65 lb white paper (from Michaels) on my personal printer. You could easily create higher quality products by printing your design at a local print company but this is one project I was satisfied with using my personal printer.

I cut each card to be 5x5 inches and used a scalloped edge punch (purchased at Michaels with a 40% off coupon!) to complete the edges. I wrapped each set of cards with Froufrou Chic Ribbon.

I wanted to add something sweet. Since I can remember, my mom has always created molded chocolate candies, which are not only addictive taste-wise but also they look beautiful. I think this could be a nice wedding favor on the cheap. I bought jewelry boxes from Michaels, specialty paper to cut bows, and tulle to wrap the candies. I bought a stars candy mold to fit with my theme. Here's an easy tutorial to create the candy.

After seeing this gorgeous DIY etched glass monogram tutorial, I decided to make personalized glasses for each bridesmaid following the outlined steps. I couldn't find a font I loved in stickers so I settled on one from Michaels. I bought the glasses for cheap at Walmart and used tape to block off the areas I wanted to etch. Since one of my bridesmaids is anti-monograms (which is definitely opposite of my "if it doesn't move, monogram it" philosophy), I decided to stick with the first initial. This was my first time etching glass and I clearly made it rough around the edges (literally, the tape let the etching cream seep in) but I'll just call it shabby-chic for now!

After adding paint color swatches and an American flag to reinforce my theme, my box was ready to go. I wrapped everything in white tissue paper (saved from a T.J.Maxx home goods purchase) and sprinkled red, white, and blue star confetti on top.

Side note - I bought these photo/memory boxes on sale at Michaels.

The last step involved creating a bridesmaid paper dress from 65 lb colored paper with Martha Stewart Pastel Mini Pearl Stickers and a paper tag with my best first attempt at calligraphy to write each bridesmaid's name. I attached both to ribbon wrapped around the box with mini wooden clothespins.

Phew - that concludes my DIY wedding tutorial. A lot going on in one box, but it was worth every penny and every second.

I would love to hear how you're planning to ask your bridesmaids. Is it a creative DIY wedding project attempt or are you purchasing something fabulous?

Next week I'll discuss some of the major vendors we secured early in the planning process.


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