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Styled Elopement in Tulum with Studio A+Q

Styled Elopement in Tulum with Studio A+Q
Photo, Studio A+Q

At this moment, I can honestly feel like I could die a happy woman because I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything quite as beautiful as this styled elopement in Tulum, Mexico, from France-based wedding photographers Studio A+Q.

The dress, the bride's green eyes, the incredible location, the colors from the sky & ocean - all of it works together to create a truly magical result. There's nothing that could make this more perfect. It is truly a dream.

From Studio A+Q....

"We always found the idea of an intimate beach elopement very romantic and stylish, but when we decided to style this shoot we focused on the natural colors and the atmosphere of the location to give the photos the authenticity that every wedding deserves. So rather than creating a shooting palette, we decided to follow the natural inspiration of the place, and in Tulum, we found ideas and stunning corners; in fact, we had the most amazing palette we could imagine, without efforts. We had the perfect scenery, the jungle as background, and white, limestone sand and crystal blue water as our natural color palette.

Tulum has an undeniable charm and the spirit of the place is still real and wild, maybe sometimes also kind of rough, and gave us the impulse to shoot a session completely focused on the couple, because when you are in love, madly in love, there's no distraction, no lack of attention, just pure true love.

The styling of the couple had been a relaxed, but nevertheless stylish, beach wedding, without forgetting any essential detail: a simple linen dress was enriched by golden accessories, a tribute to the talented goldsmiths of the Yucatán, masters of gold filigree; the bouquet was made with the local market flowers, the only concession to bright colors as an homage to the Mexican tradition, without occurring in clichés (even though we couldn’t resist using handmade paper picados for the couple picnic!).

We wanted to shoot a story that truly reflected what a wedding means for us: first of all it’s the two of you. Your love, your taste, your (maybe different) characters, and a simple and well designed styling to make the perfect day.

Wow. Just wow. I honestly can't think of anything else to say.

. . . . . . .

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