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We See: Banquet Tables

Each week, we take a look at the style and decor trends popping up in the weddings we see on our screens and show you our favorites. This week’s We See is such a standout that it’s hard to miss: banquet tables.

A few years ago, circular reception tables were where it was at. They made it easier to separate discrete social groups, keeping like with like. Recently, though, we’ve noticed that banquet tables at receptions are making a serious comeback. When you opt for banquet-style seating, you create more opportunities for conversations across groups, from different parts of your and your partner’s lives. Aesthetically, banquet tables augment the geometry of the reception space, replacing repetitive circles with clean, uncluttered lines. We love the opportunity for longer, more elaborate tablescapes with repeating motifs and the elegance of a row of perfectly straightened chairs. Let me show you some of our favorite examples of this showstopper.


Is garden party chic a thing? I think we've found it at Kiley and Trevor's sweetly buttoned up reception. Talk about a tidy tablescape! That long shot down the table, courtesy of Troy Grover Photographers, emphasizes how a string of wooden farm tables brings elegant unity to a reception. Pair that with the long, manicured hedges and lawns of this outdoor space and the criss-crossed effect of the overhead bistro lights at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, and you've got a visible—and literal—feast to remember.

One Long Stunner

As if these exquisite desert views weren't stately enough, Masha and John opted for one long, chic banquet table at their reception overlooking the city. I love how this couple kept their tablescape spare in order to facilitate conversation and general appreciation of this prime reception spot. Who needs heaps of décor when you're rocking the Phoenix skyline at sunset? This space demonstrates just how perfect banquet tables can be for smaller weddings; the warmth and intimacy of this reception is so clear just from a single photo. Cheers!


Natalie and Tommy's unique wedding weekend featured a dinner on these long, glamorous farm tables simply adorned with golden votives, lanterns, and low floral arrangements. The mixture of solid white tablecloths and exposed wood gives this reception area extra texture. For a group this large, extended farm tables are an ideal choice because they order the space without necessarily requiring assigned seating. When you've got a wedding weekend with multiple events and different guest lists like Natalie and Tommy did, communal seating can be a way to save a little time and energy while also making a deliberate social choice for your guests.

This original reception setup is such a knockout. Combine one long, head farm table with a tented reception space and make way for some awesome décor options! The lines of this king's table are echoed in the horizontally suspended centerpiece (which, btw, is a LADDER—how freaking cool!?). The varying heights of the florals, from tabletop to ceiling, allow the dinner space to become its own little world when lit up at night, while the mismatched chairs make the event feel like a warm, family-style meal. Jen Fariello really captured the homey yet etherial nature of the reception by photographing down the length of the table, showing off the versatility of these great décor platforms.


The combination of this incredible wine cellar cave with the banquet tables, lit candles, and autumnal motif reminds me of stately, ancient feasts from day of yore. If you're looking for a way to make a reception feel like a fairy tale, this is it. I love how the reception hall is lined with tables—way to use your space, Jenny and Andy! Seating the married couple in the middle of that single horizontal table is a great way to make sure they're the center of attention while surrounding them with all their loved ones. Selfishly, when I see a setup like this, I also realize that making it a bit harder to approach the couple during their reception meal might mean that the newlyweds actually get a bite to eat before their first dance!

What wedding trends are you spotting, friends? Share in the comments!