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Although weddings have been happening forever, brides are always getting creative with new trends and personal touches to make their Charlottesville wedding day their own. And we love seeing a bride include some "fun" in her wedding reception. Wedding receptions are no longer a simple cutting of the cake. They are social affairs with top notch planning and execution, and we are all about that. But it never hurts to include something playful here and there to balance the reverence of your wedding day. Your vows to one another need to be celebrated, and what better place to be playful than at your reception?

These are a few of our favorite fun reception ideas...

Themed Tables

Candy Bar

With my sweet tooth, I cannot imagine my wedding reception not including a candy table. Not only are they yummy, but they're so colorful and engaging. Whether the candy table serves as an addition to your reception dessert offerings or your wedding favor, candy will bring out the kid in all of your friends and family, and I promise no guest will leave without a sweet smile on his/her face.

Man Table or Cigar Bar

A man table or cigar bar is also a creative idea. Weddings may not be men's favorite function to attend, but I believe they would get on board very quickly with the inclusion of stogies and baseball.

Quick Tip: On these tables, it is always fun to see the treats divided up into "things the bride loves" and "things the groom loves." It allows your guests to feel a little closer to you on your wedding day!

Costumes & Photo Booths

Who doesn't love to dress up? Costumes help people to become a "different person," cut loose, and have fun. Whether it is in a photo booth or simply as props, glasses, hats, boas, and masks will turn your reception into a party!

And costumes make for some of the cutest pictures!

. . . . .

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