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Wise Bride Tips: One More Reason for a "First Look"

Wise Bride Tips: One More Reason for a "First Look"

By now you must be aware that we at Borrowed & Blue love the suggestion of a "first look," and I think it's safe to say that most Charlottesville wedding photographers do as well. There are so many reasons why. For starters, the photographs are always amazing. Always. They also allow you to get those gorgeous newlywed photos out of the way so that you can join your friends and family at the cocktail party a bit earlier. First looks let your groom truly express himself, no holds barred, when he gets to see you for the first time in your dress, instead of being up at the altar with all eyes on him where he might not want to choke up or cry in front of everyone. When you're alone, with just your photographer somewhere to capture the moment, he can laugh, cry, tear up, and hold you in his arms for as long as he wants. But there's one more reason we want to suggest a first look to you, and I don't think we've ever listed this one before.

Many brides want to hold on to the tradition of waiting until the walk down the aisle before they're seen by their groom. Some brides, after the suggestion is made from their planner or photographer that they should consider a first look, scoff at the idea. Even for practical reasons (for example, the winter wedding ceremony will start at 4:30, leaving not much time for photos before dark falls). So there's one more reason I want to suggest a first look, and I hope this will convince you.

You will remember your ceremony.

For brides that wait until the ceremony for their grooms to lay eyes on them, all she can think about is that moment. She's nervous, excited, breathless during the whole walk and even during the ceremony itself—wondering what his reaction will be, hoping she doesn't mess up her vows—so much so that throughout the ceremony, their minds are sort of someplace else. Talk to any bride who didn't do a first look and ask them if they truly remember their ceremony. I can almost guarantee you that the answer will be no.

So if you're still not sure about a first look, I urge you to re-consider with this knowledge in mind. When you've done a first look, you get all that nervous energy out of the way and can spend a few intimate moments with your spouse-to-be just reveling in the event that is about to take place. Come time for the walk down the aisle, you'll be ready. Of course you will still be feeling many emotions, but you'll be present. After all, isn't your ceremony something you'll want to truly remember and recall for the rest of your long, happy marriage? I thought so.

And by the way, nothing will take away the joy you will both feel as you make your walk down the aisle. Nothing, not even a first look.