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    Gena & Marc Easy-Going Whimsical Garden Wedding

    September 6, 2015 at Historic London Town and Gardens

    Wedding Details

    Setting Gardens
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    Why This Wedding Earned a Michelin Star

    The Main Course

    • Billy ball bouts: not only does that sound good, they look good too.
    • Gena's braided, boho updo is going on my Pinterest in 1...2...3.
    • Those bridesmaids' bouquets feature the biggest, baddest dahlias I've ever seen. And, you guys know how I feel about dahlias. (If you don't know, I really REALLY love them).
    • Although guests books these days don't actually have to be in book form, I love that these two went old school with a pretty mint booklet.

    Stellar Side Dishes

    • These lovebirds served up a gorgeous naked cake with literal lovebirds sitting on top. Cute, cute, cute.

    — Audra

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