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It's true - Asheville weddings are some of our favorites because this location is always gorgeous, no matter the season. Lucky for you, there are a ton of Asheville wedding planners to ease the process of wedding planning so that you can relax, have fun, and enjoy the days leading up to your wedding. We spoke with some of the best Asheville wedding planners to get the inside scoop on how to make your wedding go as easily as possible. Read on for some of our favorite expert tips:

Keep a ‘Flow’ to Your Wedding Day

Weddings can go stale if guests are left in one spot the entire time. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use the same building or even the same room or area for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Just utilize different areas within that one spot for each event.

Shay Brown of Shay Brown Events says, "make sure there is a flow! Move people from one room to another for the next event, if possible. I like to call these ‘elements.’ Even if you are using one large space for all elements, put them in different areas so that your guests feel the flow as they move from one to the other. Work with your Asheville wedding planners to work out the design elements to ensure a good flow."

Place Your Favors Near the Exit

Wedding favors are a cute way to give your guests a small “thank you” for coming and to leave them with something physical to remember your special day by. Placing the favors at placesettings leaves a chance that they will forget to bring them home, so put them near the exit so they can grab one as they leave.

Tamara Heston of Belle Soiree brings us this tip, saying, “Often a bride may choose to offer a favor for their guests, perhaps an extension of their wedding or local "theme." I always suggest to my brides that they display these favors in the exit foyer of their selected venue versus placing them at the guest's placesetting. I cannot tell you how many times, at the end of the evening, I have collected MANY unclaimed favors on the dining tables. Your guests are much more likely to take that special gift home if you have it ready and available as they exit for the evening.”

Consider Doing a “First Look”

The wedding industry is ever-changing with trends today contradicting those of the past. Indeed, traditions from the days of your mother’s wedding aren’t necessarily still in place now. A “first look” is a great opportunity for an intimate photo session and to get some quality time with just you and your hubby-to-be before the ceremony. It can really calm your nerves!

Tamara Heston of Belle Soiree adds:

“Having been a bride from 'old school' days, a first look would have been considered bad luck, and just plain not proper! However, the wedding world has changed its opinion on this, and I most certainly agree. Scheduling your picture timeline to include a first look for the bride and groom before the ceremony not only saves a ton of time but is genuinely much more personal for the couple. I mean, why should a couple have to share their very first look of one another with 150 of their guests!? [This is] much more intimate, and a better use of your purchased time with your photographer.”

Hire Your Asheville Wedding Planners Early

Finding a wedding planner early will alleviate a lot of the stress you may start to feel. They can point you in the right directions and get you in touch with the necessary people so that you aren’t wasting your time figuring things out and worrying.

Melissa and Becca of Asheville Event Co. remind us that, “Hiring a wedding planner early in the process helps navigate the planning from beginning to end including choosing a venue, building a budget, choosing the right vendors, designing the space, and managing the timeline."

Don’t Forget to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

Vendors work hard so you don’t have to. They flit around from site to site ensuring that you look like a queen and that your wedding day goes off without a hitch. That being said, if you would tip a pizza delivery man for driving to your house, you should tip your vendor who is working around the clock to dote on you. It’s a nice way to let them know how appreciative you are!

Lisa of Exquisite Events and Consulting told us that, “Planning your wedding requires an enormous amount of time, effort, and patience from all of those involved in making your day perfect. Your service providers, such as photographers, musicians, florists, caterers, hair/make-up artists, and Asheville wedding planners to name a few, work arduously to make your vision a reality. It’s the little things that can make or break an event but for those professionals who have a passion for what they do, and would provide their service for free simply because they love their job, a tip goes a long way.”

A big THANK YOU to Asheville wedding planners Shay Brown Events, Belle Soiree, Asheville Event Co., and Exquisite Events & Consulting for their expert advice! Brides, be sure to check out their gorgeous Asheville weddings on Borrowed & Blue!

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