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    Alison & Ben Rustic Fall Wedding in Asheville

    October 11, 2013 at Sawyer Family Farmstead

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    Setting Farms & Barns
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    Well friends, it doesn't get much sweeter than this too-cute fall wedding, with the lovely Alison and Ben! We are head over heels in love with this vintage, classic day with an outdoorsy spin. From the beautiful fall leaves to the stunning Asheville mountains, this special day has us floored! We simply cannot get over the unique details and charming touches that made this fall day so magical. First of all, transporting guests, and the bride, in a tractor trailer is simply a hit! We love this fun, memorable way to bring everyone to the ceremony. Ohh, and don't even get us started on all the rustic decor at the reception sitting under lovely twinkling lights; what an absolute dream of a night! A big thanks to Ruby Peoples Photography for sharing this gem of a day with us!

    From the bride…...

    "Once we booked Sawyer's, I really got into the outdoorsy-barn theme. We were also going for Pinterest-y too. My dress was where the vintage came in as well as the Classic Audrey Hepburn old style of the bridesmaids dresses. I wanted simple flowers since the scenery was so gorgeous and natural. The moss balls on the aisle hooks felt more natural to me than flowers. I wanted the dresses and nature-y scene to stand out more than the flowers so we went with white to keep the color palate more simple. We used burlap around the candle centerpieces to give it the barn feel and the ribbon to tie in the plum color from the dresses. I didn't want the color palate to become too dark since the girls dresses were so dark so we opted for the grey suits instead. And tuxes are just classic. And seemed to fit better with the late afternoon wedding (rather than just vests or regular suits) we tried to keep the colors earthy- except for dresses. I still wanted some saturated color. The food was on with the barn theme and we did cupcakes since I'm more of a cupcake person anyway."


    Alison is very crafty and designed the bouquets and boutonnieres herself, after she received the fresh florals from Sam's. She also created the aisle decorations using supplies from Hobby Lobby.

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