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    Alison & Ben Fleur Fantasy & Backyard Beauty

    September 12, 2015 at Private Residence

    Wedding Details

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    Why This Wedding Made the Playoffs

    The Starting Lineup

    • "When Dad begins to tear up, you know you've got the whole "I'm a bride, watch me dazzle my way down the aisle" thing down.
    • Marsala dahlias, plum calla lilies, blue thistle, and hydrangeas. Flower Gallery of Asheville has set the new gold standard for #FlowerGoals.
    • That wedding arch may as well be the gateway to heaven. Sigh.
    • Farm tables, lace runners, and gilded accents transform a simple tented reception into a dreamy summer fête.

    The Second String

    • Nothing says summer like latticed strawberry pie. Simple. Rustic. Scrumptious.
    • The vintage flair of those rings.
    • Sometimes a sparkler sendoff just isn't enough. Roll out the Bentley, Jeeves.

    — Laura

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