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    Emily & Phillip Elegant Gold & Ivory Wedding at the Biltmore Estate

    November 14, 2015 at Biltmore Estate

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    Why This Wedding Earned a Blue Ribbon

    The Champion Breeds

    • Yes to the contrasting colors of the bride's white gown and the maids' deep chocolate brown. Elegant, unique, and the perfect way to make our bride pop (but this gorgeous lady would regardless of the gown).
    • While we love us some unique blooms, those rose, hydrangea, and eucalyptus bouquets show exactly why classic never goes out of style.
    • Can we just all take a second to bask in the golden hour sunlight of these portraits? I'm getting all mushy from the romantic rays.
    • Exposed wooden rafters, anyone? I know we've got a few takers for this subtly rustic reception space.

    The Bumper Crops

    • Literally everything about the lighting at this celebration. We're suckers for some good lighting, and those light-wrapped beams and golden votives cast this celebration in a soft, romantic glow.
    • Oh hey, classic getaway car. Let's take a spin, why don't we?
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