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    Jane & Reiss Classic City Wedding in Asheville

    November 16, 2013 at Celine and Company "On Broadway"
    Photo: MGMillerPhoto

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    Jane & Reiss are both native North Carolinians, and began their love story in the Tar Heel state, so getting married there was a given. Asheville couldn't have provided a better backdrop for this beautiful wedding, and Celine and Company "On Broadway" was the perfect spot for this lovely soirée. With personal vows, non-traditional ceremony music, and the talents of small local vendors, this wedding was made perfectly for them, and really gave homage to their beautiful state. MGMillerPhoto was on hand capturing all of Jane & Reiss' special day, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you today. Congrats to the sweet newlyweds!

    From the bride….

    Reiss & I fell in love during our last year of graduate school at UNC and shortly after graduation, moved to Asheville where we both found jobs as clinical social workers. We were inspired by the collectivist and inclusive feel of Asheville, and wanted that to be reflected in our wedding. Neither of us are very traditional, but we are definitely romantic at heart. Our most influential inspirations came vintage looks that incorporated femininity and rustic characteristics. We both wanted to support local vendors and businesses as we planned our wedding. Our ceremony was unique: we wrote our own vows and played nontraditional music that held deep meaning for us as a couple. Mostly, we wanted the people we loved the most to gain a deeper understanding of our relationship through our ceremony and reception.

    The Couple


    Reiss is a native North Carolinian born and raised in Wilmington, NC. He ventured to Appalachian State University to pursue a degree in psychology, graduated in 3.5 years, and was the commencement speaker for his graduating class. During his undergraduate years at Appalachian, Reiss enjoyed outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and backpacking.

    After graduating, Reiss immediately started graduate school at UNC to earn a Master's in Social Work. During graduate school, Reiss focused on substance abuse treatment and treating individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. His time in Chapel Hill was incredibly busy but he still managed to find time to spend with Jane.

    Today, Reiss is a clinical social worker working in Asheville, NC. He is certified in substance abuse therapy, and currently piloting an intensive outpatient substance abuse therapy program in Western North Carolina. He also provides outpatient therapy to children and families.

    He and Jane like to explore downtown Asheville, find new places to see, and add to their already extensive rock collection.


    Jane grew up in Greensboro, N,C and stayed in the area to go to UNCG for a degree in Child/Adolescent Development and Psychology. She eventually ventured to Chapel Hill to complete graduate school. She has always enjoyed working with people from various backgrounds and cultures. These interests combined with an intense fascination with human behavior and fervor for social justice prompted her to pursue a Master's degree in Social Work.

    As a child, Jane was a self proclaimed "tom boy". She refused to wear anything pink or girly. She only wanted to wear her soccer jersey and was obsessed with the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today, Jane enjoys all things feminine, and loves to drive Reiss crazy by convincing him that moisturizer really is important, and insisting that she can never have too many "therapist scarves".

    Currently, Jane is a clinical social worker In Asheville, NC, working with children and families, She provides bilingual therapy, specializing in treating clients who have experienced significant trauma, and individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses.


    When Reiss & I met, I was so enamored by him because he's intelligent, motivated, and very mature. Reiss graduated college early and went straight to graduate school, then finished at age 23. When we first met I did not even think twice about his age because of these qualities. I was 27 and never dated anyone younger before, and was shocked to find out he was 23. A first I felt strange that he was younger, and now I'm proud that my husband is younger and many times more mature than I am! The beginning of our relationship yielded some of the most captivating and memorable moments I have ever experienced. We both felt a deep level of certainty in ourselves and each other that indicated a deep and permanent love. Reiss & I are both therapists and sometimes our analytical propensities bring a heightened sense of awareness in each of us individually and as a couple. Another thing about us is that we've had similar interests throughout our childhood that we still have fun with together today. We both had rock collections which eventually merged. We laugh that the merger was a very serious indicator of our commitment. Other fun facts are that we both love dinosaurs, specifically velociraptors, we both grew up playing the piano, and both had pet rats as children. We have fun doing activities outside and while we live and work together, we still can't get enough of each other. I take that as a good sign!

    Our Love Story

    During their last year of graduate school, we had two classes together. One of these classes required students to pair up and discuss very intimate details about their development, personal core values, and monumental experiences that led them to the social work profession.

    On the day this task was assigned, I had missed the bus I normally took to get to class and was about ten minutes late. I realized my usual seat was taken but the seat next to Reiss was free. I sat next to him, and noticed his good looks and intelligent contributions to the class discussion. Ever so confidently, Reiss turned to me, and asked if I would be his partner for the assigned activity. I accepted without hesitation, and we discussed many intimate and important aspects of ourselves and our lives. We were so immersed in their conversation that we forgot to return to class.

    Both of us remember leaving class that day in a complete fog; wondering if what just occurred had actually happened. After a little while (which seemed like forever to me), Reiss asked me out on a date. We had their first date at Top of the Hill and then ventured into the UNC Botanical Gardens. We eventually had our first kiss at Kenan stadium during the memorable UNC/NC State game (UNC won). We have been inseparable ever since.


    The most personal pieces of our wedding were the vows we wrote for each other and the music we picked for the ceremony, walking down the aisle, and for our first dance. Those pieces of the wedding were what held so much personal value to us. They made the wedding uniquely representative of us as couple. Decide on what those pieces are for you and for your fiance and utilize those personal touches where they mean the most to you. One piece of the ceremony that I was very adamant about is that I wanted both of my parents to walk me down the aisle and having them at my side was wonderful. Another important piece of the wedding was spending time with my best friends- the bridesmaids! We rented a large condo and spent the night together before the wedding. Such special times!

    What's Next

    Enjoying the moments. We both feel overwhelmingly grateful for the partnership and commitment we found together, and want to cherish our time together as newlyweds. Children are definitely a possibility in the future, but as of now, we want to build our careers and have fun being married. Our future dreams are really exciting. Since Reiss & I are both therapists, we hope to open a private practice together, specializing in different types of treatment. One day, we would like to have a small cabin in the mountains and possibly move to Wilmington to raise our children at the beach.

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