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    Lindsey & Ben Rustic Rainbow Wedding in Asheville

    April 28, 2012 at Lonesome Valley

    Wedding Details

    Setting Farms & Barns
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    If you ever, even for a minute, forget how very sweet love is, all you have to do is take a peek at this gorgeous wedding to be reminded. Lindsey & Ben had a colorful, vibrant wedding, and we have never seen mismatched bridesmaids dresses done better! Lindsey is a self-proclaimed "mountain girl," and we can tell how at home she feels amongst the Blue Ridge, as she is absolutely glowing. Katy Cook Photography was behind the lens on this beauty, and we really could not have asked for more. Asheville is quickly becoming one of our favorite destinations, and Lindsey & Ben's gorgeous day one of our very favorite Asheville weddings!

    From the bride....

    The Blue Ridge Mountains have always been a backdrop to some of our most special moments. My husband proposed to me in the mountains and we spent our engagement night in Asheville. When thinking about where to get married, we could think of no place more beautiful than Cashiers. Plus, I’m a mountain girl and could not have imagined getting married anywhere else.

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