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Aspen brides, you are some lucky ladies. Not only are you getting married in one of the most beautiful places in the entire country, but you have access to some truly fantastic Aspen wedding planners to help execute your big day to utter perfection. Hiring a wedding planner is a worthwhile expense, as they have seen dozens of weddings and they know what works. To whet your appetite for a little professional advice, here are five tips from some of the area's top wedding planners to help ensure your Aspen weddings are a smashing success from beginning to end.

1. Consider the altitude

If you have guests flying in from other states, they probably won't be used to the thinner air up here. "Guests often feel the effects of high altitude at a mountain wedding," says Stacy Horn of JA Events. "Plan to have a water station at your ceremony and don’t skip the appetizers during cocktail hour. You want to provide your guests with enough food and water to help balance the increased effect of alcohol at high elevations and keep your party lively to the end!"

Also, keep the wind in mind for an outdoor ceremony, continues Stacy. "Most mountain afternoons are windy, so consider unity ceremonies with sand instead of candles, and make sure flower arrangements, arches, and chuppahs are weighted so they don’t blow away."

2. Hire a planner, of course!

"Every location, especially remote and unique mountain locations, have a lot of intricacies that most weddings do not encounter," says Virginia Edelson of Bluebird Productions. "Having an insider helps save you time, stress, and money! The local planner will be able to help you base your planning timeline around the seasonalities of your selected mountain town, they will help you know where to source items locally versus shipping in from afar, and they will be able to serve as a concierge for your guests. This person will also be able to help you manage your expectations, so when all is said and done, you are thrilled with your vendors and all the destination had to offer!"

Stacy agrees: "Have fun planning your details, but when the wedding day comes, make sure you have a point person to answer all questions, make sure everything is in place, and keep the evening running smoothly. This is one of the biggest celebrations of your life and you should be totally present in the moments that you’ll cherish forever."

3. Create an experience

Virginia suggests turning Aspen weddings into a destination getaway for your guests. "When you select a mountain town for your wedding, you have the opportunity to create an amazing experience for all of your friends and families beyond the wedding ceremony and reception. Start with a fabulous welcome bag or box with a welcome letter that highlights the reasons the town is so special (in addition to the agenda and other important details). You can share your favorite restaurants, shops, activities, and attractions. Include local specialties such as local chocolates, granola, popcorn, and more for your guests to enjoy. Arrange group codes for activities to encourage guests to get out and explore. Schedule your multiple wedding-related events in various parts of the town, or towns, if the budget allows you to do so, so that your guests are able to see different areas."

Most of your guests have probably traveled from far and wide to come to the wedding and want to experience all that Aspen has to offer, as well as attend your nuptials. Schedule some fun events that are special to the area such as a hike, a bike ride, or whitewater rafting.

4. Be careful with attire

Bluebird Productions has seen enough Aspen weddings to be an expert on this: remember that you will normally have to travel on a chair lift or in a gondola with your dress. On most occasions, there is a place to change close to the ceremony site, so wear comfortable clothes and choose a dress that is manageable and does not take up the entire gondola or chairlift for your getaway!

Remind your guests to wear flat shoes because they may be walking a distance on gravel paths or through grass, which stilettos would likely sink through. Also, inform your guests that mountain weather can change in the blink of an eye! Additionally, mountain weddings often have lovely ceremony sites where the temperatures are 20 degrees lower than in town. Guests may want to bring a coat, hat, and gloves, depending on the season.

5. Don't forget to take care of yourself - and have fun!

"Wear sunscreen!," says Stacy. The sun can be very intense on top of a mountain and out west, you are closer to the sun and can burn much more easily. Have sunscreen on hand and remind guests to wear plenty during the outdoor ceremony, if you are having one.

Most importantly, don't forget to eat. No one wants a bride passing out on the top of a mountain. Eat a healthy breakfast, even if you don’t usually eat breakfast, as you may not eat again until the reception. Ask your caterer and Aspen wedding planners to have snacks on hand – just in case!

Finally, consider hosting a post-wedding brunch or announcing a restaurant where guests can gather at their leisure, not too early, the day after the wedding. Often guests attending a mountain wedding make a vacation out of the experience, and it’s nice to see them all off the next day as stories of the night before are recounted.

A big, huge THANK YOU to Virginia of Bluebird Productions & Stacy of JA Special Events for their expert advice on this post! Be sure to check out their gorgeous Aspen weddings on Borrowed & Blue!

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