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Athens Wedding Photographers Explain Their Styles

Congratulations on your soon-to-come wedding day! We absolutely love helping Athens brides plan the most magical day of their lives. We know that there is so much to do, and often all the details can feel downright overwhelming. That's why we are here - we don't want you to feel alone in this wedding planning process! That being said, as you go about checking every item off of your wedding to-do list (and checking out all of the helpful planning articles on the Borrowed & Blue Blog, of course), make sure that you're focusing on the all-important task of choosing Athens wedding photographers who matches your personal style.

Your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors that you will spend your hard-earned money on. Once your wedding comes and goes, all that you will be left with are fond memories and a glossy wedding album (and that handsome man by your side, of course. OK, maybe some moss-covered initials, too...). Choose your photographer wisely so that your wedding pictures reflect the magnificence of your wedding day.

But how exactly do you choose a photographer who reflects your personal style and will produce a wedding album that you can be proud of? The most simple way to answer this question is to simply gravitate toward the photographers who have shot Athens weddings that captivate you. It does not matter how many incredible Google reviews a particular photographer has; if you don't swoon when you see his/her work, you won't be super impressed when you see your own pictures. Simply put, you can follow your gut when choosing a wedding photographer, but if you want a little more clarity on particular styles, we will clear things up in this article.

We asked Marisu Wehrenberg and Shannah Montgomery, co-owners of ZoomWorks in Athens, to explain their twist on the photojournalistic style. They have been photographing local weddings for 15 years, so they have some great advice for the bride on the hunt for a perfect Athens wedding photographer. (P.S. - the stunning images above are theirs!)

"We would describe our style at ZoomWorks as artistic photojournalism (with a modern twist). The resulting images have a timeless appeal and reflect each couple's story in a unique and beautiful way. We differ from straight photojournalism because we definitely interact with the couple and help guide and direct them, versus leaving the perfect moment to chance.The artistic side is influenced by our blended backgrounds in fashion and fine art. While we believe that our style is recognizable, we strive to make each wedding different and more truly reflect the vibe of the couple through our creative eye."

Does ZoomWorks have any thoughts for the bride-to-be who is looking for a photographer in Athens?

"Be cautious when looking at Athens photographers strictly in terms of costs. You want someone who not only "gets" your style, but who is also a consummate professional that can rise to the occasion no matter what happens. You don't want excuses, you want a beautiful memory. Remember that when you hire a professional, you are joining into a partnership with them. You are depending on them to create a body of work that excites you creatively, and if you don't trust them to get the shots you will want, keep interviewing. Your photographer's work should have enough inspiration within it that you aren't running to the computer to pull up Pinterest boards as a substitute. Don't get us wrong, Pinterest is great for ideas about so many things, but asking your photographer to 'create' a list of pre-determined shots takes much of the creativity, and their ability to offer you something unique, out of the equation."

A big thanks to Stacy Bartel, the owner of SIGNS AND WONDERS PHOTOGRAPHY, for wonderfully describing the classic (or traditional) wedding photography style. Her pictures are just so swoon-worthy!

"I would like to imagine that my photography style is 'artistic.' That is what I am literally aiming for. I am always always looking for that piece of art that my clients will want to blow up and put on their wall. While I love producing artistic images, at this point in my journey, the style of SIGNS AND WONDERS PHOTOGRAPHY is classic. I want my couples to be as excited about their images in 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years as they are when they first see them. Almost every single bride that hires me says that she chose me for my 'classy elegant images' and 'candids.' How does my style differ from other styles? I do not really consider myself vintage or modern (while I love all of those elements), I am extremely fickle so I tire very quickly of trends, so while I like them to be incorporated, I do not like them to lead me as I photograph. To me, photography is all about emotion and I want genuine emotion. In the end, I want my clients to connect with their images and to always remember their beautiful wedding fondly."

Artistic Wedding Photography

With this approach to capturing beautiful wedding images, photographers like that they have a lot of space to be creative with their art. Since this style heavily produces beautiful, crisp detail shots, no two wedding albums will resemble each other, and a picture list is rarely used. The bride who gravitates to this photography style most likely planned a lot of her wedding herself and has a thousand Pinterest boards for all of her DIY ideas. If you're getting married in an art space or at an aquarium or some other alternative space, this sort of style would perfectly suit your wedding. Athens wedding photographers direct less with this style, so you may be surprised when you receive your wedding album that the photographer captured stolen kisses and silent tears.

Of course, most wedding photographers use a combination of styles as inspiration, so don't worry if you're attracted to two or more styles. You just need to find the right photographer for you, so let's get started!

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