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    Kristen & Chris Sweet Southern Plantation Wedding

    August 23, 2014 at Burge Plantation

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    I was craving a sweet, southern wedding, and this darling soiree shared by Chrissy Noel Photography definitely hits the spot! Set at the beautiful Burge Plantation in Mansfield, Georgia, Kristen & Chris's day had that traditional southern feel that just charms my Georgia girl heart so much. They exchanged their vows on the steps of the gorgeous white columned house and they celebrated the night away with great music and good food while making memories with those closest to their hearts. If you ask me, there's nothing better than a wedding like this. It has it all — southern hospitality, pretty details, and so much love!

    From the photographer...

    Kristen & Chris's wedding was absolutely gorgeous. They're both amazing, fun loving people and it truly showed though out the entire day.

    Kristen & Chris got married on a beautiful August day at the Burge Plantation in Mansfield, Ga. The venue was picture perfect. It has a rustic southern feel yet elegant at the same time. The set up was beautiful with colorful summer flower, candles, burlap and even dancing shoe for the guest.

    Kristen looked absolutely stunning all day long. Her hair and make-up was done by a family friend and was flawless. Kristen and her bridesmaids had a ball all day long. They sipped on mimosas, hung out in the cute little outfits Kristen gave them, laughing and telling stories about the couple.

    I have to say Kristen & Chris had the cutest best man I have ever seen. His name was River and he is an adorable golden retriever.

    The couple decided on a band for the reception and it was amazing. Everyone danced and sang all night long. Though out the whole day you could feel the love the couple shared together, which was truly special for everyone there!

    Burge Plantation in Atlanta
    Wedding Venue Burge Plantation
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