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Food Trucks at Your Austin Wedding: The Peached Tortilla!

Let’s talk food. Here in Texas, we love our food. I would even say "love" is an understatement. With food in mind, I find it my duty to let you know that catering is taking on a whole new meaning in Austin, Texas! As our brides are starting to incorporate the many things they love about our city into their weddings, food trucks are no exception. Just spend twenty-four hours on the streets of Austin, and one will notice that we have food trucks a-plenty.

Austin food trucks are known for their unique spin on food and I would love to introduce The Peached Tortilla, who has mastered this concept. Owner, Eric Silverstein, fuses his upbringing in Asia and Georgia to bring you his twist on food! Peached Tortilla is actually a full service caterer. Not limited to just "street food" items, they also have a plethora of entree options. That being said, they can bring their food truck to your wedding as a centerpiece but they are fully capable of serving without it - complete with china and chafers! I’ll let Eric tell you the rest in our brief interview that he was so kind to give!

Your food is delicious - what is your favorite item?

My favorite item is our banh mi taco. We really treat our pork belly with integrity. We put a dry rub on it, sear it, then braise it low and slow for four hours. Then we top it with pickled daikon carrots, sriracha mayo, and cilantro. It's the perfect combination.

How do you choose your locations in town?

I wish it was as simple as "we go where the business is." However, we are restricted in terms of where we can and cannot park. We have to choose our spots wisely. We are either invited onto the property or we contact the owner of the property and negotiate a deal.

Walk me through the process of helping a bride with her wedding day menu.

Our catering director, Hope Furst, takes the lead on walking the bride through a catering menu. We first ask our brides if guests have any dietary restrictions. That helps tailor the menu upfront. We also ask our brides whether guests are typically adventurous eaters, etc. That will help dictate whether we offer a slightly more unique item on our menu, like our kalua pork served family-style. We also work with our brides to determine whether they would like passed appetizers and whether they would like food served with or without our food truck. When we take our truck out to a catering as a centerpiece to serve out of, we try to narrow the menu options to help ensure a quick, fast-paced service during dinner time.

What's in a name? I'd love to hear how you came up with Peached Tortilla! Anything to do with your stint in Georgia?

Well, we all know Georgia is the "peach" state. I wanted to tie my roots to the name of our concept, but do it in a playful way. We define "peached" to mean flavor-smitten, but it can really mean anything. When you eat our food and get "peached," you will form your own definition.

If you were stuck in one Austin music venue, for the next 5 years, which one would you pick and why?

I really like Moody Amp. Granted, it's not outdoors, but I love it as a place to watch a concert.

As you plan your Austin wedding and develop your budget, consider the affordable idea of a food truck. This is a detail that allows your guests to experience our Austin culture, a detail they are sure to remember.

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