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What happened to weddings with punch and cookies in the fellowship hall at church on a Saturday morning? Blogs. Blogs are what happened. And we love it. Our culture is blessed to be able to celebrate this life stage and event and I say we do it. Granted, we still have lives to live after our Austin wedding, so how do we have blog-worthy weddings and still have some cash in the bank to buy a house?

Well, for starters - HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER. You heard me. Hire a planner from the very start. Ya’ll (said with my best Southern emphasis), I cannot tell you how much money and time a planner can save you. Even a "day-of coordinator" (which really means month-of) is helpful in giving you enough guidance and idea development, along with access to her network of vendors (do I hear discounts?)! She pretty much pays for herself with the way she can save you money.

Moving on to the details. Dare I say it? Yes… I think I do. Someone has to say what we vendors are all thinking, right?? My heart is beating faster. Okay, sweet things… burlap, lace, and mason jars are so 2010. There. I said it. Those are scary words because maybe I just shattered all your dreams. Don’t get me wrong - the burlap/lace theme is gorgeous, timeless, and I’ll coordinate a million more of them. But if you really want your wedding to stand out as a truly blog-worthy wedding, where the girls in the office are all sending each other the link to your wedding because "you just HAVE to see this," you're just gonna have to be more personal than the most popular trends of the past 3 years running. Capisce? Consult your planner about current wedding trends that incorporate your personal style. She will create style boards and help you know where to shop for your DIY masterpieces or she may have the notion to tell you a decorator can do it better and cheaper.

A planner also knows what a blog requires for submission and can coach you through your priorities. She can take your ideas, spin them in the most cost-effective ways, and discuss with you how to best showcase each detail for optimal staging. I think brides see our blogs and think "more is best." Sweetheart, less is more! Which brings me to my next point...

Photographers. You need a stellar photographer and no, you don’t have to sell your car to hire the best. A great wedding photographer in Austin doesn't have to cost you more than $3,000, give or take. I’ve seen scanty weddings turned into blog-worthy magic by photographers that charge less and I’ve seen over-the-top Four Seasons' weddings, turned into baloney by photographers that charge more! When shopping for a photographer, look at full real wedding albums. Anyone can show you 50 of their greatest shots. When interviewing, tell your photographer you want to be published and brainstorm the possibilities together.

Now, let’s talk venue. There are so many Austin wedding venues out there with lush gardens, antiques, and details galore - there really is no reason to rent a shell that needs to be filled. If date is an issue, and you think you have no choice, I bring you back to the importance of a planner. Depending on headcount, I can get you a Saturday wedding any month of the year. Yup, I sure can.

So HOORAH! for memorable weddings that can be blasted on this great Internet, but don’t lose sight of the importance of your marriage. After all, a wedding day is only a day and a blog is history pretty fast too! Focus on a beautiful marriage and I promise your wedding will be gorgeous. Know why? Because you will probably treat your friends, family, and vendors well and they will go way-way-way above and beyond to make sure things shine.

P.S.: The pictures throughout this post are of a low-budget wedding. Would you ever know?

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