All of us at Austin Americus Diamond make this pledge to you….

    Shopping at our store will be your BEST jewelry buying experience, EVER!

    When the economy went bad, we knew major changes had to be made in our business. First, we moved from Lincoln Village to the Arbor Walk, making us a more accessible, safe place to shop.

    Next, as the retail world had changed forever, I knew we had to be different. So, I located some of the best retail jewelry minds available, and together, we spent months of long hours, researching and discovering the best designers who would meet all our expectations. These designers had to understand quality, style and value, working with us to expand our jewelry selection, which now includes everyday casual jewelry, complimenting our already famous bridal department.

    Then, we made a conscious effort to buy American made products, doing our part to help Americans be employed.

    AND lastly, we’ve instructed our staff to use their extensive knowledge of jewelry, allowing them only to assist our customers in completing their purchases, never pressuring them, always making it the BEST jewelry buying experience.

    Austin Americus Diamond at the Arbor Walk, because “YOU” DESERVE IT!

    Richard Crawford

    10515 N. Mopac Express Way, Ste A126, Austin, TX 78759
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