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    Ana & Carlos Intimate, Family-Focused Wedding in Austin

    March 29, 2015 at Private Residence

    Wedding Details

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    Intimate weddings are my most favorite, especially when they're done in a unique way that fits the bride and groom's personalities to a T. It's impossible to put into words just why these small, cozy weddings pull on my heart strings so very much, but I do know that weddings with a short guest list are some of the dreamiest, like Ana & Carlos's beautiful wedding in Austin, Texas. A precursor to their big, big wedding in Mexico, this small celebration was a perfect way for the duo to spend the day closely with those that matter to them most — their dearest friends and family members. And, they did so with such style and beauty, too! The lovely couple exchange vows at a lovely round courtyard on the property and then dined family style on a fabulous dinner full of delicious foods with their guests by their sides. Family is sacred, and these two truly created a day that reflected that in such a stunning way. See all the magic unfold in the gallery shared by Sasha Haagensen Photography!

    From the photographer...

    I absolutely adore intimate weddings! There is something about keeping your special day simple, small and, yet, stunning. Our couple wanted to marry stateside before heading to Mexico for their "bigger" wedding. With the generosity of a family member's home for a location, they took upon themselves to focus their budget on the details, catering and photography. They utilized the caterers option to have a simple service that kept the cost lower without sacrificing quality. With everything combined, they were able to have a day that focused on family and bringing together their lives as one!

    The Couple


    Carlos is a graduate student in Economics at The University of Texas at Austin.


    Ana is a Global Policy student at the LBJ School at the University of Texas at Austin.


    This couple have been together for over ten years. Their families melded a long time ago, but they finally made it legal. There is something about their energy when they around each other that makes you fall in love with their love for each other. They believe in family, and it shows!


    Since this was a small wedding, there were a few things that weren't done by either the bride and/or one of her three sisters. The info card at the table was designed and printed by the bride and one her sisters. And, her bridal makeup was done by a sister, too.

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