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    Monica & Felipe Perfectly Colorful & Elegant Fairytale Wedding

    April 26, 2014 at Villa Del Lago

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    We have the sweetest of treats for you today, m'dears, and I assure you that they just don't come any more stunning than this gem. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and for this Austin wedding, we certainly think that is true. The love, the creativity, and the beauty found in this day is so genuine and inspiring. Give us more! Sweet Louise Photography has completely won us over with these gorgeous images and talented photography style. This sweet bride & groom planned a day focused on their love & their guests, and because of that grounded center, the day could not have been more perfect. And don't even get us started on Monica's dress -- it's truly complete perfection defined. We wish these adorable newlyweds many days of laughter & fun ahead. xo

    From the photographer....

    This gorgeous wedding at Villa Del Lago in Austin was the perfect mix of the rustic hill country views with modern style and a family feel. Half of the wedding guests were there from Brazil to support the groom, and the other half from Dallas. The emphasis of the wedding was really put on being together and celebrating the great love the Monica & Felipe had found in each other. The vows, the food, and the party were all focused on allowing everyone to celebrate love and experience it together. The dinner was served at one long banquet table, so the guests could sit and enjoy one another's company with the bride & groom seated at the head to look at all their honored guests. The pops of colors in the florals really made the table exquisite. This wedding was amazing!

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