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    Birmingham Wedding Favor Ideas

    In Birmingham, Southern hospitality reigns. That's why any Magic City celebration isn't complete without a thoughtful "thank you" to your guests in the form of locally inspired wedding favors. Don't fall into the trap of cheesy, overdone favors; instead, opt for gifts that share the local wonders of this city.

    With all that Birmingham has to offer, where do you begin? While this might be a question you've already asked yourself a thousand times during the planning process, like most things, we've got an answer for you. Check out our list below for locally-inspired Birmingham wedding favors that are as novel as they are affordable.

    Cookies That Are Outta This World

    Touted as one of the foods you "must try while visiting Birmingham," Full Moon BBQ's half moon cookies are undoubtedly a treat that'll have your wedding guests over the moon. We'll go so far as to say that's it's a downright shame if your visiting friends and family don't get a taste of these chocolate-dipped chocolate chip cookies at least once during their stay.

    Other spots for some of the best cookies around town? Icing on the Cookie, Edgar's Bakery, or First & Tin Cookies. Talk about yum.

    B&B Tip: If you pass out treats like these, dress them up a little with some cute packages. Here's a first-rate DIY (shown below) to give your cookie favors some sweet duds.

    Local Brews + Custom Koozies = Beer Heaven

    Birmingham is home to some of the South's most excellent microbreweries. Take Avondale Brewing Company, Good People Brewing Company, and Cahaba Brewing Company, for instance. Obviously, you're guests won't be able to visit each brewery to sample their craft, so send them home with six-pack carriers (we love these customizable ones) filled with your local favorites. For bonus points, throw in a custom beer koozie complete with your monogram, wedding date, or favorite Alabama team.

    A Nod to The City Greats

    Birmingham has a rich history that's the deserved source of local pride around these parts, so consider wedding favors that give a nod to a local monuments, museums, or Magic City icons (can we say Sloss Furnaces or The Vulcan?). Not only will favors like these remind your guests of the time they enjoyed at your big day, but they'll also show off the wealth of local character here—and demonstrate just why Birmingham was your city of choice.

    If shouting out monuments isn't your thing, stick with a style that's representative of the Birmingham area. Think refined rustic, or elegantly Southern. Try DIY custom gold-dipped champagne flutes with wooden coasters for a dash of organic charm.

    Go Green

    Birmingham natives are all about the outdoors (hence the parks, nature reserves, and gardens everywhere you look), so you can't go wrong by going green and giving guests Alabama's state flower: camellias. They're not only great for the environment, but they're also a fabulous way to share a token that your friends and family can watch grow right alongside your marriage.

    Fill Up on Flavor

    Of course, the way to the heart is through the stomach (an adage we wholeheartedly believe) so wedding favors as delicious as they are local will be more than welcome by your guests. Here are some of the distinctly Birmingham flavors that we love most:

    Get Your Peanuts | Forget Planters Peanuts, Birmingham's Nut Depot definitely serves up the best peanuts around. Serve up boiled peanuts to go, have a peanut bar where your guests can put together their own mix, or share sample packs as they head out the door. Jazz up the packaging by tying a crafty tag onto each bag with bit of info about why they're significant to the city—your guest will love knowing why you chose them for your big day, and, of course, where they can snag more on their way out of town.

    Sweet as Honey | Give your guests a sweet thank you with local Alabama honey. Foxhound Bee Company offers raw honey baby bears, or get a large size and fill up smaller jars with the sweet stuff. Top it with a piece of burlap and wrap it in gold ribbon or twine, and viola.

    Donut You Want To? | Favors in the form of a food truck? We're all in. Heavenly Donut Company has a food truck you can rent and park right outside your reception venue (just be sure to check first if your venue allows this). We honestly can't think of a better "thank you" to your guests than late-night donuts to break up the dancing and drinking (it gets tiring, you know).

    A Pop of Local Flavor | Thanks to Steel City Pops, Birmingham does popsicles like nobody else. Not only are these gourmet popsicles created with locally harvested fruits and veggies, they're also made with no artificial sugars and no preservatives, which makes them as good for you as they are delish. Just ask any local—these babies are the real deal. Plus, if you're hosting a summer soirée, these icy treats do wonders for cooling down and refreshing your guests despite the sweltering Southern temps.

    B&B Tip: Make sure to serve with napkins or a protective wrapper—you don't want your guests covered in sticky fruit juice (we hope).

      The best part about favors like these? Each one helps to capture the spirit of the city. So channel your local knowledge and think up some amazing wedding favors that'll serve as the cherry on top of your Birmingham wedding.

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