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    Birmingham Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

    With a gorgeous skyline, classic Southern wedding traditions, and the most talented wedding vendors out there, Birmingham weddings are serious showstoppers. But we don't need to tell you that...(duh, that's why you wanted to have your wedding here in the first place, right?). The only thing left now is to add those little details that will take your Birmingham soirée to the next level.

    Enter: wedding welcome bags. These babies are the cherry on top of a meticulously planned wedding weekend (not to mention the perfect vehicles to spread some of that Southern hospitality). Just imagine, your guests have come near and far to help celebrate your nuptials. Tired and stiff from their travels, they finally check into their hotel to find a thoughtful basket awaiting them, filled to the brim with local goodies. Four words: host(ess) with the most(ess).

    To help you fill that welcome bag, we've come up with a few locally inspired ideas that are surefire intros to a Birmingham wedding. From craft beer to local munchies and a few signature souvenirs, our ideas are meant to score you some serious hosting points while staying true to the spirit of the city.


    The Vulcan statue towers over Birmingham as the largest cast iron statue in the world. Symbolizing the Roman god, this statue is a symbol of the city, so we're loving the idea of giving out this Vulcan magnet—which also features the gorgeous skyline—as a token. There's no way getting around this monumental statue when in Birmingham.

    Alternatively, throw in some helpful info for those who want to go see the Vulcan in person. Directions to Vulcan Park and Museum would be more than welcome, as well as its hours of operation and some information about scheduling a tour. You can find all that info here.


    For the beer lovers in your life, throw in a can of the area's local microbrews from Good People Brewing Co.. (They might just need a little "hair of the dog" remedy after partying the night away at your Birmingham wedding).


    Assorted snacks from Golden Flake are local favorites, deliciously crafted by a Birmingham-based company since 1923. Claiming to be the "South's Original Potato Chip," we personally recommend giving your out-of-town guests a Southern favorite: pork cracklin's.

    Since nobody ever likes to turn down munchies, a bag of fresh roasted nuts from Peanut Depot is another great addition to any warm welcome. Just be sure to double check for allergies before adding this particular goodie (nobody likes a swollen throat).

    Who ever turned down a farm-to-table treat? For the best that Birmingham has to offer, check out The Pantry by Stone Hollow Farmstead. Their pantry items (or skincare line!) offer the opportunity for plenty of gifts to stuff into your Birmingham wedding welcome bag.

    For your sweeter-toothed guests, you can't go wrong with cookies from local rockstar Edgar's Bakery. They offer a range of flavors from wedding cookies (how apropos, am I right?) to a large classic chocolate chip. Either way, sign us up.


      Maps are an essential component of any wedding welcome bag to help guests navigate the city and explore some major landmarks on their own. Instead of just any old map of Bham, order a custom map that highlights your ceremony and reception venues (in case guests have to travel from one place to the other) and any other important spots like nearby hotels or restaurants. When we're talking adorable, custom maps in Birmingham, Holly Hollon is the local go-to.


      Consider adding a few more practical items to your welcome bag to beef up the offering:

      • Bottled water
      • A coloring book and crayons for families with small children
      • The free local weekly paper
      • A hangover kit: aspirin, eye mask, a mini can of Coke, and a sack of locally roasted beans from Seeds Coffee Company
      • A stick of local Beeswax lip balm, made right here in Alabama by the Eastaboga Bee Company


      All these treasures need a place to live—from bag to gable boxes to real wicker baskets. Birmingham Box has all your receptacle needs covered. They even offer "wedding boxes" that come custom with your wedding colors, monogram, or other artwork.


      • Give only one bag per couple or family to save on cost.
      • Consider giving bags only to couples or families who traveled a significant distance to attend your wedding. Work with your planner or your accommodations provider to have them delivered to their hotel rooms before they arrive.
      • Do your best not spend more than $20 per bag, or this could quickly become a significant cost.

      And that's all folks. With Birmingham's wealth of cultural offerings, it's hard to go wrong with any of these welcome bag treats. As you home in on your personality and think up even better welcome bag ideas, try to keep the items as locally inspired as possible to truly welcome your guests to your Magic City wedding.

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