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    Location Ideas for Beautiful Birmingham Engagement Photos

    Scheduling an engagement shoot with your photographer is a good idea for more reasons than one: it'll help you get used to being photographed all day, give you a sneak peek into your Birmingham photographer's style (just think of it as a test-run for your big day), and give you some stunning photos to use for your save-the-dates while you're at it. And with so many gorgeous locales in the Magic City, making a little photo magic comes easy.

    It helps that Birmingham has a little bit of everything. Countrified green space isn't hard to find, gritty industrial backdrops are even more common, and artistic urban aesthetics are everywhere. The only problem is choosing from the lot of them. Enter: Birmingham professionals. Local wedding photographers have a leg up on the competition, since they're privy to the very best backgrounds around town. Just in case you're looking for a little inspiration yourself, we teamed up with some of the most talented wedding photographers in the area and got them to spill their favorite locations. You're welcome in advance.

        Birmingham Botanical Gardens

        Organic beauty, delicate blooms, vibrant colors, and overwhelming wonder Brendon Pinola Photography loves the Botanical Gardens as the backdrop to any photographs. Plus, the fact that this spot is a landmark staple makes it deliciously local and all the better for it.

        "The Botanical Gardens in Mountain Brook are certainly one of my favorite places to shoot and for good reasons. First of all, among all the gardens (botanical and otherwise) that I've shot at, Birmingham's is the only one that is absolutely free. The gardens are maintained and furnished partly via public funding; the pride the community takes in their garden is evident. From the grounds to the architecture to the thousands of different varieties of plants, everything is always impeccably manicured, and there are always new seasonal displays. I've really enjoyed exploring the different areas of the gardens over the years and finding spaces that I feel I've made 'my own' and developed some signature shots."

        Railroad Park

        According to local Birmingham wedding photographer Jessica of J. Messer Photography, Railroad Park provides one of the most versatile spaces in Birmingham.

        "My favorite location in Birmingham is Railroad Park. It has such a great mixture of elements, from winding paths to soft wispy fields of grass to urban skyline."

        Downtown Birmingham

        For pics with urban flair and a certain industrial grittiness to them, Angela Blake Photography suggests hitting the streets of downtown Birmingham. You'll end up with a huge variety of shots, all boasting interesting and exciting backgrounds. Plus, it's a great way to incorporate sentimental spots into your photos (that coffee shop where you had your first date, or the theater where you shared your first kiss).

        "My favorite place to shoot engagement sessions is downtown Birmingham. That may seem like a broad location, but it's quite perfect with so many fabulous spots clustered close together. You have the very popular historic Morris Ave, which lends a classic and urban feel to photos. Just a few blocks away, you have Railroad Park, which gives you a unique juxtaposition of a natural setting nestled in the city with the Birmingham skyline as a backdrop. Lastly, there are all sorts of unique alleyways between these two popular spots that will give couples many different looks."

        Morris Avenue

        For couples looking for a more industrial and modern background to their engagement photos, Terry from Fotowerks Photography has the perfect locale: Morris Avenue.

        "We love Morris Avenue in Birmingham. It has a beautiful cobblestone road, cool street lamps, awesome cityscapes, and even train tracks. So for the couple that likes a more urban look, this is the place."

        Birmingham's picturesque spots don't end there. Thanks to Arden Ward Upton, Brendon Pinola, Jessica Messer, Angela Blake, and Terry Bruno, you've already got a stellar list going; but don't be afraid to get out there on your own. Grab your partner and go for a drive to the other side of the city, turn down alleyways you've never been, and walk through storefronts with an eye for never know just what you'll find.

        On the other hand, make sure that whatever spot you choose has as much meaning for you as it does beauty. At the end of the day, an engagement session in your home can be more special than one at any of the gorgeous spots around the city.

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