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5 Signature Drink Ideas For Birmingham Weddings

As an Alabama bride, it's pretty safe to assume that you love to have a good time! Of course you want your day to reflect the love between you and your new groom, but we also know throwing one heck of a party for your guests is high on your list of priorities. What makes a party one that will be talked about for the ages? Good food, great music, and most importantly, yummy cocktails to keep the good times rolling. Adding a signature wedding drink or two (think his-and-her versions) to your day is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your nuptials.

So where do you begin crafting your cocktail menu? Try drawing inspiration from your story as a couple: Do you two have a favorite drink you make at home together to unwind from a crazy workday? Or maybe you’re passionate about local cuisine and you want to throw that into the mix?

Take a look at our list of signature drinks we think makes fabulous accompaniments to Birmingham weddings, each with special ties to your beloved state.

Bottoms Up!

Alabama Slammer

Question: Is it really a Birmingham wedding if you don’t serve up Alabama Slammers? We think not! Alabama’s namesake drink was actually invented at the University of Alabama in 1975 and has since become the signature cocktail of the Crimson Tide. Serve your guests up something familiar with this recipe.

Spiked Sweet Tea

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone at your wedding that isn’t a devoted sweet tea fan! Sweet tea and Alabama go hand-and-hand in our book so serving up a spiked version is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Check the recipe out here.

Herbed Blackberry Cocktail

Add some local flair to Birmingham weddings! Blackberries are the state fruit of Alabama so of course we had to find a cocktail that incorporates them.

This Herbed Blackberry Cocktail is the perfect mix or sweet and earthy with the hints of rosemary. Have your Birmingham caterer make large batches in pitchers ahead of time.

Clyde Mays Mule

Sure you could serve up any old whiskey cocktail and your guests will gladly suck it down, but why not wow them with a recipe featuring locally made Clyde Mays whiskey?

Clyde actually started out by bootlegging his homemade whiskey after he returned home from WWII. The whiskey is still produced right here in Alabama.

The Clyde Mays Mule takes on a spicy flavor with ginger beer thrown into a mix.

Peach Mojito

So we know Georgia kind of cornered the peaches market, but would you believe us if we told you that peaches are actually the state tree fruit of Alabama? We swear! Not that we’d ever turn down a peach cobbler, but this peach cocktail with a little rum and muddled mint? Now that may be the best way to enjoy this fruit!

Get the recipe here - your guests will thank you for serving up a crisp and refreshing beverage.

Cheers to the happy couple!

Any of you ladies planning on having a signature cocktail at your Birmingham wedding? Share your recipe with us in the comments!

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