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I am really not sure there are words to do justice to the talent, personality, and kind hearts these two talented photographers embody, but I'm gonna try! Wesley & Emma are not only the two faces behind the lenses of W+E Photographie, but they also a love story all of their own. College sweethearts with similar talents and passions, these two lovebirds have been bringing a married couple's love & perspective to wedding photography since 2009 - & they rock it! They love to really get to know & invest in the couples they photograph, so don't be surprised if your "client meetings" with Wesley & Emma begin to feel like double dates!

Though they are Birmingham-based, W+ E are both bilingual, have lived abroad, and would LOVE to travel for your special day. That being said, don't overlook them for your Birmingham wedding! They do the city amazing justice through their work, and you will not be disappointed.

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to a couple of Birmingham wedding gems: Meet Wesley & Emma....

Tell us a little bit about your own love story!

We met and fell in love at the University of Alabama (in Spanish class to be exact!) – Roll Tide! We got married in August of 2010 and promptly made the move to Spain one month later. We lived our first year of marriage abroad and wouldn't change a thing. We've now been married for over 3 years and love that our lives revolve around couples who believe in marriage and lifelong commitment. We spend 98% of our time together and haven't gone crazy yet! ;)

What led you to wedding photography?

We both enjoyed photography as a hobby in college and even took a couple of classes at UA for fun. We pretty much fell in love with photography as we were falling in love with each other. It felt like a natural move after graduating that we would pursue doing what we loved for a living.

What do you love most about being a Birmingham wedding photographer?

Connecting with our couples is definitely one of the most fun parts of our job. We view every meeting or session like it's a double date. And we also love getting to travel outside the South for work. This past year, we shot weddings and sessions in Chicago, Mexico, California, Charleston, Arkansas, and Texas. We're excited to see where 2014 will take us.

Which are your favorite wedding venues in Birmingham?

Avondale Brewery
Swann Lake Stables
Architectural Heritage
Bridgestreet Loft

What are your favorite wedding trends right now? What do you predict for this new year?

  • We love grooms in skinny, tailored suits - there is no excuse for a guy in an ill-fitting suit in this day & age ;)
  • Brides who rock bold lipstick.
  • Loose, natural floral arrangements; urban/industrial influences; epic, outdoor wedding locations (base of a mountain, middle of the woods, desert landscapes, cliffs… we'd love to travel for a wedding like this); Succulents, anyone? And small, intimate wedding ceremonies with a big, lively dance floor afterward!

Check out the above adorable couple's Birmingham wedding on Borrowed & Blue!

What has been your most memorable wedding to date & why?

Probably when we shot in Mexico last year. It was our first wedding outside of the U.S. and a big goal that we were able to cross off the list.

If you weren't a professional photographer, what would you be doing?

Wesley would do something with Spanish (we're both bilingual). Emma would probably work for a blog (she loves reading them, so it only makes sense). And let's be honest, we'd both love to be professional Instagrammers, but that's pretty similar to photography, so we won't count that one. ;)

If you only had three words to describe your photography style, what would they be?

Genuine. Fun. Adventurous.

Can you share three of your favorite images with us from weddings you've shot? Tell us why they are your favorites.

This is an image from a recent styled shoot we created. Stylistically, this is what we're all about. We loved everything about this wedding.

This moment. After the bride prayed with all of her maids, she and her three sisters all looked up teary eyed. So sweet & intimate!

We love having fun with our bridal parties! This particular wedding was a favorite of ours from this past year. A very fun & adventurous bride & groom who trusted us completely. We felt so free to get creative.

How would you spend a perfect day in Birmingham?

Wake up early (or late if Emma had her way), go grab coffee at one of our favorite local shops, meet up with friends at Railroad Park, hit up Sonic during happy hour for a mid afternoon caffeine boost, and finish the day at El Barrio, our favorite Birmingham restaurant.

How do you take your coffee?

This calls for two very different answers.

Emma: With a splash of almond milk and a spoonful of honey. (I'm a sipper, so I'm constantly reheating my cup throughout the morning.)

Wesley: You mean, how does he take his frothed cream & sugar?

What are three things you can't live without?

Emma: 9 hours of sleep, traveling, our cat.

Wesley: Chocolate milk, other people (100% extrovert), playing music.

. . . .

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