The best of "Grand Times," just what you'd expect for your ceremony musicians! Excellence, diversity, partnerships, magic in the moment. As musicians, we deliver the ambience and aura of special memories. Pianist & violinist, composer LaDonna Smith teams up with vocalist Tena Wilson for delivering inspirational and emotionally charged love songs.

    Our specialty is ceremonial music, performing beautiful classical works, by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Pachelbel, Schubert, and others. Contemporary songs such as "The Prayer," "You Raise Me Up," or "I Will Always Love You" are also within the scope of our repertoire. With ample notice, we can work up anything you can request, and LaDonna will even compose for you your own personal love song, that is uniquely yours.

    A seasoned professional violinist, LaDonna also performs many weddings and ceremonies on solo violin alone. The classical wedding standards, swing jazz, fiddle & atmospheric improvisations, creative expression, rising from the strings in the moment. This can be an economical option, especially effective at simple outdoor weddings.

    As "Grand Times" we offer a complete Violin, Vocalist & Pianist package, with the option of violin duets and trios, making an indoor wedding complete with a variety of musical offerings. Willing to work with your tastes, we can organize a wide range of musical options to help you create the most awesome musical experience for your occasion. Comfortably priced, seasoned professionals, we are your choice for making beautiful music within easy reach for either a traditional, or custom contemporary ceremony.

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