Morgan Ashley Salon in Birmingham

    Morgan Ashley Salon started as a small idea I had at 21 years old. I had been in the salon world for a few years, but was currently traveling overseas pursuing missions, asking the question “Lord, where do you have me next?” I expected that answer to be Thailand, but the answer that I got was Birmingham, AL.

    Without business experience, management experience or any real training in running a business, I set out in January of 2005 in search of retail space, equipment, licenses, and the scariest of all, a loan. I was on a journey to see my vision for this salon come to be, to create a place that provokes beauty, and that speaks life into those it encounters.

    Fast forward a few years, and we have grown from a stylist of 1 to a family of 21. I actually never imagined that the salon would be as big as it is or that we would have the impact that we have been able to have. The most exciting thing is to see the vision that I had when I was 21 come to be… to be the best salon in Birmingham, and to inspire people by creating, educating and serving through our passion… hair.

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