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    Allison R. Banks Designs in Birmingham

    Monograms, invitations, elegant calligraphy... no matter how high tech our world becomes, these items continue to bring countless joy to people and the special times in our lives. Think back to a big event and you will probably find a note, invite, or symbol that helps mark that moment. It's amazing how these little things stay with us.

    Creating a custom design is a process that should reflect both the client and the designer. Allison R. Banks Designs strives to create the perfect vision for you from the moment pencil and pen touch paper. Each design is drawn by hand, beginning with rough pencil sketches and finalized with fine ink drawings. High resolution scans are created to make each piece the perfect marriage of past and present.

    Please take a moment to visit our website for more information about custom monograms, invitations, and calligraphy. We would love to design something beautiful for you and hope you find inspiration in the details!

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