Fine Paperwork in Birmingham

    Once upon a time in the land of paper and printing, there lived a lady who loved paper… all kinds of paper… handmade, linen, laid, deckled edge… she also loved creating lovely things to put on the paper. An idea came to her once that she would like to own her own company and work with paper… she could type, sort, file… anything. One day, someone asked her if she could print a tea invitation. She answered, "I guess so." Well, she looked and looked and finally found the perfect paper. She printed that tea invitation and the rest is history.

    More and more people in the land found out that she could print and design. The more people who found out, the more she printed. Finally, she became a dealer for many top-notch invitation companies throughout the land. The lady, Patricia Campbell, still prints and creates, but she also represents invitation companies who produce and print the most beautiful invitations. She looks forward to each day of her career, meeting with her brides and their families and helping them pick out the most perfect save-the-dates, wedding invitations, and wedding programs that will make them happy for their special day. And she lived happily ever after…….

    Best of B&B 2017
    Best Local Wedding Invitations/Calligraphy
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