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    Sweet Julep Photography LLP

    Sweet Julep Photography LLP in Birmingham

    Sweet Julep Photography was founded as a collaboration between two existing wedding photographers in Birmingham, AL. We’ve both been taking photos for as long as we can remember. For one reason or another, no matter how many times we’ve veered from the path, photography is something that has always seemed as much a part of us as we are a part of it.

    We are Southern girls, through and through. We love natural light, vibrant colors, and seeing something so beautiful and honest and having the ability to capture that. We’re unobtrusive while we’re working and you won’t find us trying to stage moments. We love watching life and love unfold before us. We strive to capture reality and show it as something beautiful.

    We both genuinely love what we do and are continuously humbled that we are able to use something that we’re so passionate about to bless others. Our hope is that you will feel a strong emotional connection with our work and that you will fall in love with our style!

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