Well hello there!

    Most days you can find me snuggled up on the couch wrapped in a blanket with my MacBook propped up beside me and one of my two pups on the other side. I'm my own boss and I have two strict uniforms, leggings and a tee, or gym clothes (and adorable cocktail dresses on wedding days, of course!)

    My husband Andy and I are high school sweethearts and just celebrated our 15th year of togetherness. He is finishing up his MD and I couldn't be more proud of him.

    At night, you can find me dancing around my kitchen with a glass of red wine to the sounds of Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Sia, and the occasional 80's hair band, among many others while my husband and I make dinner together (really, he cooks and I watch).

    I have struggled with my weight since I was in the womb and recently started working with a personal trainer. I'm clumsy, fall down a lot, and make a lot of noise when working out (crying and whining, mostly!)

    My couples would probably say I'm known for catching the in-between moments and unspoken sweetness between two people. I absolutely adore capturing the essence of who a person is and being known for it!

    My couples are my friends. Getting to know them is part of the deal. The only way to truly capture someone is to know them.

    I am a believer in LOVE. It doesn't always make sense. It can be irrational. But you're here because somehow you've found it and you don't want to forget the moments you share together. I'm here, because I capture fleeting moments, and can't imagine spending my days doing anything else.

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