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    Haley & Michael Sweet Summer Style in Ipswich

    July 25, 2015 at Turner Hill

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    Why This Wedding Made the Honor Roll

    The Straight A’s

    • Northern wedding with Southern flair? I like the sound of that.
    • I get enough shoe envy as it is with sparkly heels—but sparkly wedges? That turns me into full-force green (gold?) eyed monster.
    • Elegant calligraphy + upcycled brown envelopes + gold foil foliage = effortlessly chic invitation suite.
    • Haley pinned the rings of her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to her bouquet as her "something borrowed." Officially putting this on my wedding bucket list.
    • Red brick columns, twisting vines, and emerald lawns give Turner Hill a romantic Secret Garden aesthetic.

    The Extra Credit

    • Monogrammed white burlap filled with home-roasted sugared pecans. Dear Haley: from one Southern girl to another, yes.
    • Sugary magnolias on a quilted cake by Topsfield Bakeshop bring a little Mason Dixon majesty to this Boston affair.
    • If I'm being 100% honest, I got a little choked up reading Haley's "Love You Forever" note to her mother. Best children's book ever, am I right?

    — Laura

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