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    Why get married in Boulder & Estes Park

    Mountains for Miles

    Located at the foot of the Rockies, with over 35,000 acres of protected land, the rocky peaks of Boulder & Estes Park's famous Flatirons are nothing short of spectacular. Your wedding guests will have to catch their breath when they take a good look around—and not just from the altitude.

    Sun & Sport

    Hailed as the #1 Sports Town in America, this beautiful geography attracts avid cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, and rock climbers from around the world. Pair all that adventure with Boulder & Estes Park’s 300 sunny days a year and you have a mecca for outdoor recreation.

    The Foodiest Town

    This Colorado city was named as one of America’s “Foodiest Towns,” and for good reason: the culinary scene is out of this world! A top-notch selection of local products and delicacies make gift-giving a cinch, and with an emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine and vegetarian eating, you can both eat and feel great in Boulder & Estes Park.

    Go Green!

    There is a commitment to sustainable living in Boulder & Estes Park, so if you’re seeking a community of environmentally-conscious businesses to help create your dream green wedding, you’re in the right place.

    UC Boulder

    Boulder & Estes Park is home to the University of Colorado's Boulder & Estes Park campus and its 30,000 students. Having your wedding in Boulder & Estes Park is a great way to re-connect with your alma mater and share the joys of your college days with your dearest family and friends. Go Buffaloes!


    Boulder & Estes Park’s climate is moderate and semi-arid. Sunshine abounds in this Colorado city.


    Boulder & Estes Park springs are sunny yet cool, with daytime highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s.


    Summers are warm and dry, with highs in the 80s and 90s.


    Autumn brings cooler days and nights.Temperatures range from the 70s to the 40s.


    Winters are cold in Boulder & Estes Park, with daily highs below 40 degrees and lows in the 20s.

    Most popular wedding styles in Boulder & Estes Park

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    Plan Your Boulder & Estes Park Wedding

    Wedding Attire

    It’s time to turn your eye toward what you and yours will wear on your wedding day. The search for the dress is, of course, the first piece of this puzzle. This isn’t any old frock: you’re looking for the most flattering, fabulous gown of your life. So how do you know what will work? Will there be a magical, “yes, of course!” moment, or more of a gradual understanding of what you want to don before walking down the aisle? Perhaps now is the time to introduce an important player: your local bridal shop. Boulder & Estes Park's sartorial experts are primed and ready to help you find what’s right. Get your bridesmaid game in order while you’re there so you can begin to see your vision come together (cue your happy dance). If the shop of your choice can help with a great suit, so much the better—the men in your wedding deserve something striking, too. Next, it’s time to get down to the bling. You and your partner are both going to need wedding bands, so head to a wedding ring and jewelry shop to choose adornments that suit you both. This might be a good time to pick up fun little extras, like thematic cufflinks or that pair of diamond studs you’ve had your eye on (that “something new” is a great excuse). Now that you know you won’t be showing up naked to your own wedding, you can let the rest of your worries fall by the wayside.

    Boulder & Estes Park Wedding Fashion and Jewelry Shops

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    Wedding Beauty

    You’ve already hired a fabulous local photographer to put your wedding day on the books, so now concern yourself with how to look super-smokin’ in those precious photos. Feeling great about your appearance will boost your confidence in front of the camera and show off your I’m-so-in-love glow. But for the love of Adonis, don’t take on more tasks in the run-up to your wedding: Boulder & Estes Park hair and makeup experts will help highlight your gorgeous self and take the pressure off your blow-drying skills on your wedding day. Visit your salon several weeks before the wedding to decide whether you’ll go coiffed or au natural when it comes to your tresses. Similarly, your makeup pro can help select a shade of lipstick that will go the distance and give you a Angelina-esque pout. (Note: we suggest a waterproof mascara in case that first look tugs hard on your heartstrings.) To smooth out any last rough edges, take a little time off the week before your wedding and slip into a local spa for a facial and a killer manicure. Now that you’re slaying your wedding look, all those last-minute details will seem so much less consuming—and your reflection much more so.

    Boulder & Estes Park Beauty Vendors

    Your Wedding Ceremony

    The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your weekend, but with so much attention placed on wowing your guests at the reception, what happens at the altar can often come as an afterthought. Your wedding is so much more than picking the perfect song for your first dance, so make sure your ceremony is meaningful to you and your partner by meeting with Boulder & Estes Park wedding officiants and local ceremony musicians to personalize your ceremony. Take the time to get to know your officiant so that he or she can tailor the ceremony to fit the dynamics of you and your loved one’s relationship. We know you’ve been dreaming of that walk down the aisle for years—listen to several musicians before deciding on a group whose sound matches that in your head. Being open and honest with these local experts will ensure your “I dos” are nothing short of perfect.

    Wedding planning
    Wedding planning

    Officiants and Ceremony Musicians

    From the Borrowed & Blue Blog

    Your Wedding Reception

    After saying “I do,” only five words stand in the way of you and a lifetime of marital bliss. No, not “you may kiss the bride,” but “put on your dancing shoes!” It’s time for the reception, and after a fabulous meal from your Boulder & Estes Park wedding caterer followed by a cake-cutting ceremony featuring a masterpiece from a local bakery, you’re ready to dance the night away with hot jams from your favorite Boulder & Estes Park DJ. Whether you celebrate on a Rocky Mountain ranch, in a restaurant, or at a resort, Boulder & Estes Park has plenty of venues where you can shimmy and shake off those wedding day nerves.

    Wedding planning

    Boulder & Estes Park Reception Vendors

    From the Borrowed & Blue Blog

    Your Rehearsal Dinner

    Both a time to prep for the grand event the following day, and to introduce close friends and family, the rehearsal dinner is an intimate celebration and an important component to the wedding weekend. Luckily for you, Boulder & Estes Park is home to a number of wonderful restaurants, inns, and banquet halls fit for the occasion. Find a cozy setting in the SALT cellar where your guests can toast with drinks from a private bar. For a more casual dinner, head to Walnut Brewery and taste local beers in a lively and entertaining environment. The Boulder Teahouse is a local favorite, serving exotic dishes and flavorful teas to private groups on the Creekside Patio or Tea Garden. No matter where you choose to clink glasses, Boulder & Estes Park is replete with options to satisfy picky eaters and gourmands alike.

    Boulder & Estes Park Rehearsal Dinner Venues

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    Your Farewell Brunch

    Don’t let your guests leave the weekend hungry—send them off with a hearty farewell brunch. Either coordinate a morning-after buffet spread at the hotel where guests are staying or take your friends and family to your favorite brunch spot in town. You might take a small party to Lucile’s Creole Café for New Orleans-inspired Southern dishes in a quaint and comfortable setting (we love the fact that the original Boulder & Estes Park restaurant is a yellow Victorian house). If you have a large number of guests, take them to the Chautauqua Dining Hall, a historic Boulder & Estes Park landmark nestled in the foothills of the Flatirons. Choose from their extensive menu and follow brunch with a walk along any of Chautauqua’s famous trails. Check out our recommendations below for local spots with scrumptious spreads that can help you plan brunch for a crowd

    Trust Us: Wake Up, Eat Here


    It’s easy to think of your invitation as a few pieces of paper informing folks that you’re getting hitched, but here’s an insider tip: your invite sets the stage for your whole wedding, and it’s worth the extra effort to do it right. Connect with a local invitation and paper goods boutique to get started with your design. Whether you go printed or calligraphy, highly ornate or minimalist, it’s ideal to have a Boulder & Estes Park professional on your side to take you through this process. Make it a gift for your guests by including all sorts of helpful gems, like a stamped RSVP card, a loose idea of the day’s schedule, and some hints about how to dress and what kind of food and beverages they’ll expect. When your friends open their mailboxes and pull out your invitation, they’ll be wowed by your effort and attention to detail (and if they’re not, well, there’s no accounting for poor taste).

    Boulder & Estes Park Invitation Designers and Calligraphers

    View More Invitations & Calligraphy

    Wedding Welcome Bag

    Welcome your guests to Boulder & Estes Park with a curated welcome bag of local snacks, beverages, and souvenirs, including all the essentials needed to get the most out of the weekend (hangover kit, anyone?). These bags are a great way to thank your friends and family for traveling to celebrate your marriage and to prepare them for the long weekend ahead. Bonus points if you stash these babies in their hotel rooms so they can find them upon arrival. Need some inspiration? Check out our favorite things to include in Boulder & Estes Park wedding welcome bags.

    Wedding Favors

    More than just a fun detail, wedding favors are one of the many ways you can show appreciation for your guests' appearance at your wedding celebration. Make these gifts even more meaningful by drawing inspiration from your wedding destination and adding your own creative twist. Consider packaging local snacks like Boulder Granola or locally crafted beer. Pair these edible treats with long-lasting gifts like cozy wraps or customized mugs that your guests will treasure long after the weekend ends. We’ve pulled together our top Boulder & Estes Park wedding favor ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

    Boulder & Estes Park Gifts and Favors Vendors

    View Local Wedding Favor Ideas

    Guest Activities

    With miles upon miles of mountains perfect for hiking, biking, climbing, and skiing, it’s impossible to be bored in Boulder & Estes Park no matter what time of year you visit. Both a wonderful setting for outdoorsmen (and women) and for those who prefer urban adventure to exploring nature, Boulder & Estes Park has no shortage of things to do. For the best of both worlds, plan a morning hike along one of Boulder & Estes Park's many trails and follow up with a food tour in the afternoon or early evening. Your guests will love the opportunity to explore Boulder & Estes Park and see for themselves why you chose to exchange vows in this city.

    Places to Visit

    Restaurant Recommendations

    It’s hard to describe Boulder & Estes Park cuisine in just a few words because there’s no one taste or flavor that defines this foody city—rather, Boulder & Estes Park is a collage of ethnicities and exciting culinary experiences. Take, for example, the medley of Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, and Lebanese flavors at The Med or the social atmosphere of Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place, a local eatery where live music and conversation are just as crucial to the eating experience as the items on the menu. Make your guests feel like Boulder & Estes Park locals by putting them in the know with the top-ranked restaurants in the area.

    Trust Us: Dine Here

    Places to Stay

    Play hostess with the mostess and ease your guests’ travel stress by offering them a few suggestions for places to stay over the weekend. Consider a few hotels and inns that offer comfortable wedding guest accommodations for guests with any sized budget. Once visited by Helen Keller and Robert Frost, Hotel Boulderado is a great choice for those looking to immerse themselves in Boulder & Estes Park history or who merely enjoy saying its name as much as we do (Boulder + Colorado = Boulderado…obvi.). For guests seeking something more akin to homey comfort, the Bradley Boulder Inn boasts intimate accommodations at a short distance from Boulder & Estes Park’s bustling downtown. Making the extra effort to ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible will win you some major brownie points. Have a look through our suggestions for a sweet spot to stay in Boulder & Estes Park below.

    Trust Us: Stay Here

    Your Engagement Session

    You’re still getting used to saying “fiancé” and can’t wait to introduce your friends and family to that new sparkle on your left hand. When it comes to stunning backdrops for engagement photos, Boulder & Estes Park is a bit of a showoff, which means you’ll have more than your fair share of options for your engagement shoot location. Opt for photos imbued with the rustic elegance of the mountain scenery or take a more subtle approach with photos featuring the understated charm of Boulder & Estes Park's quaint downtown. We reached out to some local Boulder & Estes Park wedding photographers who shared their favorite locations for engagement photos in the area, so hear it from the experts before deciding on a location that best fits your relationship.

    The Bachelorette Party

    It’s time to put down those bridal mags—your Boulder & Estes Park bachelorette weekend has arrived, so grab your girls and celebrate. Whether you’re spending it on the slopes or curled up with some bubbly in a cozy lodge, enjoy this last hurrah and have some fun. From shopping on the Pearl Street Mall to exploring local parks, you’ll never run out of things to do in what CBS News calls the “Happiest Place in the U.S.”. Click here to get our best Boulder & Estes Park bachelorette party ideas, and let the planning begin.

    The Bachelor Party

    What’s mountainous, snow-covered, famous for beer, and the perfect location for your bachelor party? Boulder, Colorado—conveniently the very place you’ve chosen to spend this weekend with your bros. In a city where hiking, biking, skiing, and beer-tasting rule, you’ll find more than enough to keep you busy. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to dine and dance (or hike or ski, if the season’s right) to help you get a jump start on your weekend plans in Boulder & Estes Park. Click here for our recommendations and clear your schedules. You’re about to have an unforgettable time.

    Get to Know Your Vendors

    Where would we be without the immensely talented pool of Boulder & Estes Park wedding vendors? Their passion for planning, commitment to their couples, and incredible ingenuity is what makes the local wedding scene as remarkable as it is, and it's the unique team behind every wedding working together that makes each event an affair to remember. Their combined experience and expertise is second to none, and we want you to benefit from it while assembling your dream team of vendors. Check out our Spotlight Series for in-depth Q&As with the best of the best in the industry, and make sure to read the articles they've contributed to Borrowed & Blue for the most reliable wedding tips and tricks, straight from the source.

    Major Annual Events to Consider

    The good news is that your wedding will take place in a vibrant, scenic, and trendy location—a hipster’s paradise, if you will. Your friends and family will love it, but unfortunately they’re not the only ones captivated by Boulder & Estes Park's awesomeness. This location is so popular that it draws visitors for reasons other than your nuptials all year long, but don’t let these crowds cramp your style. We’ve gone ahead and researched this city’s most popular annual events to help you avoid planning your wedding during Boulder & Estes Park's busiest times. Take a look and add them to your calendar.

    Local Online Resources

    Check out some other useful local online resources to get you acquainted with all-things Boulder & Estes Park, from travel guides to the local restaurant scene to great local wedding blogs run by our friends in the industry:

    Tips from local pros

    Choosing Your Boulder & Estes Park Wedding Vendors

    With our comprehensive list of local wedding pros, we're here to help you put together an all-star team to bring your vision to life.