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    Genevieve & Stephen Winery Wedding with Rustic-Vintage Flair

    August 10, 2013 at Brooklyn Winery

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    Funky and fresh, our love for this sweet Brooklyn soirée grows and grows with each new image! Genevieve is just about the most perfect bride we have ever laid eyes on. She embodies a simple calmness that just draws us to her, and as a couple, their wedding day joy is simply contagious! Throughout each and every lovely image, we can just feel the emotion pouring off Stephen's face as he waits for his bride-to-be, from the first look to the ceremony itself, and the sheer joy has our hearts melting to pieces. After their sentimental nuptials, they treated their guests to a lovely reception at Brooklyn Winery, where they danced the night away and dipped into that spectacular chocolate cake adorned with the most amazing berries! Betsi Ewing Studio rocked it with this one; we couldn't love it more. Congratulations to the newlyweds! xo

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