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    Julia & Daniel Classic Wedding at Sugarbush Resort

    May 25, 2014 at Sugarbush Resort

    Wedding Details

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    If you weren't already in love with Vermont and the beautiful weddings that recently have been pouring out of this state, this gem might just change your mind. This day is bursting with deep purple hues, delicate touches of daisies throughout, the happiest little flower girls we have ever seen, and a beautiful couple so deeply in love with one another, it can only make you smile. Julia & Daniel made sure to infuse their own personal touches into this day, and based on all these lovely images, we think they certainly succeeded. Want to know exactly what we're talking about? Julia's here to share all about their sweet May nuptials. Enjoy!

    From the bride....

    "My wedding day experience was perfect. As we reflected over our honeymoon, my husband & I both agreed that we wouldn't have changed a single detail. We chose our venue based on the food, since we are both huge foodies, but the venue itself ended up being so much more than just the food. Everything was beautiful: the flowers, the decorations, our wedding planner, and the staff. The inspiration behind our wedding day was just a compilation of all the things my husband & I love: the outdoors, daisies, food, family, and friends. Because our wedding was based off of all the things we love, one of the most important items at our wedding was my jewelry, which was handmade by my aunt out of my great grandmother's jewelry. Not too much at our wedding was necessarily DIY, but I purchased a ton of minor detail items off of Etsy, like my garter, cake topper, and wedding signs. As for true DIY, we made our name cards and table numbers. In short, just like every bride, I think our wedding was perfect.

    Evian Granitz Photography was able to capture the most intimate of moments at our wedding and looking back through the pictures is like being able to relive our special day over and over again. We have photos of everything from me crying when my father saw me for the first time and then again during my vows, kids at the wedding enjoying themselves on the dance floor, to the wedding partying and celebrating at the bar. The pictures truly capture all of the emotions and fun that was had at the wedding."

    The Couple


    Dan graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2012. After graduating Dan moved into an apartment with Julia in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Since his graduation Dan has secured a job as a manager of the local bowling alley.

    Dan loves spending time in the kitchen, but refuses to cook or eat anything Julia suggests may be slightly healthy or have skim milk in it, instead of whole milk. Dan enjoys spending time with his dog Basil both inside and outside of the house. Dan prefers to spend his free time outside of work relaxing, watching television, or going to the range.

    Since moving back to Connecticut after his graduation, Dan enjoys getting to spend more time with his family and being more involved in the lives of his nieces and nephews.


    Julia graduated Southern Connecticut State University in December 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in English. After finishing her Bachelor's, Julia has been accepted as a middle school teacher for Teach For America.

    When she is not working, Julia loves to spend time with Dan in the kitchen, despite him potentially not liking what she makes. Julia has always liked to bake and has found a new passion for cooking. She also likes gardening, being outside, playing with Basil, and going to the beach.

    Since moving to Connecticut, Julia has befriended some life long friends, learned a lot about who she is as a person, and has loved getting to know Dan's family and the New Haven area.

    Our Love Story

    Julia & Dan met when they were both living in South Carolina. Dan was on his externship from the Culinary Institute of America at "The Sanctuary" on Kiawah Island. Julia was still studying education at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach. Julia & Dan met one weekend when Julia was visiting Charleston. After the two realized they had so much in common, they kept in touch through Facebook even after the two had both went their separate ways after leaving South Carolina. While Julia & Dan kept in touch over the year and a half before they started dating, they realized they may have had more in common than they originally thought. During her Thanksgiving break in 2011, Julia went to visit Dan in New York after not seeing him for almost nine months. Once they were together, it was as though nothing had changed. Julia was in the process of searching for a new university after realizing that Coastal Carolina University was where she wanted to continue studying education. After applying to several universities, Julia decided on Southern Connecticut State University once she had heard the amazing reviews about their education program. She spent her first semester living on campus while Dan finished up school in New York. After Dan graduated and Julia's semester at Southern was coming to an end, the two moved into their first apartment together and the rest was history!

    While opening her last Christmas gift, Dan continuously repeated "Be careful" and "Why don't you open it right side up." Getting frustrated and not understanding what was going on, Julia finally opened her box, which revealed a porcelain octopus. Excited, just because her gift was a porcelain octopus, Julia lifted the lid, picked up the octopus, and heard a rattle from within it. Thinking that she broke it and that she should have taken the wrapping paper off right side up, she realized that the head opened up. Julia opened the head, saw the ring, and immediately started crying. Not knowing what to do, she handed the ring back to Dan. Presenting Julia with her final Christmas gift, Dan got down on one knee and proposed!

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