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    Nancy Gould Photography

    Nancy Gould Photography in Cape Cod

    To say that I enjoy weddings is an understatement. I LOVE weddings. Every minute, from the pre-ceremony jitters to the walk down the aisle to the very last dance, is full of anticipation and joy. As a self-described romantic, I might gush about the bouquet or volunteer to tie the bows on the bridesmaid dresses. I’ll tell the bride if she has something in her teeth and I have been known to carry extra Hollywood tape in my camera bag. Whatever it takes to get the job done right.

    As a photographer, I enjoy capturing distinctive moments—be it a spontaneous burst of emotion or subtle detail—in a low-key manner. Simply put, you’ll barely notice I’m there. For me, a great wedding album tells the true story of an important day without ever looking like a staged, unnatural event. That being said, I realize the significance of some formal pictures, and work with my clients to achieve those in a quick, friendly manner without turning their wedding day into a photo shoot.

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