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    How to Throw an Amazing Bachelorette Weekend in Charleston

    There’s no doubt that planning a Charleston wedding is stressful. Brides can quickly become overwhelmed wrangling wedding caterers, florists, venues, mother-in-laws, and more. With so much to organize, every bride could use a break. Perhaps this is why we have invented the bachelorette party. As a bridesmaid or maid of honor, you'll need to plan a rocking bachelorette party to rid your favorite bride-to-be of all her wedding day stresses.

    Being a Charlestonian myself, I’ve got the hookups and inside info on all the hot spots in this Southern city, including where to stay, where to booze, and where to eat. If you follow my tips, I can assure you that you will have the bachelorette weekend of your dreams. Check out my proposed itinerary below, and let's get to planning.


    Where To Stay

    You’re going to need a killer place to rest and recover throughout your bachelorette weekend festivities. I suggest the historic Mills House Hotel, located on Museum Mile in downtown Charleston. The recently renovated rooms are swanky with a hint of Southern charm. Plus, you’ll love relaxing poolside with your girls as you soak up the South Carolina rays.

    Wise Bride Tip: Since everyone is just getting into town for the bachelorette party, Friday night should be a relatively casual celebration so that everyone can rest up for the partying that lies ahead.

    Where To Drink

    For a laid-back atmosphere and excellent cocktails made by some pretty handsome people, head to The Belmont. This spot on Upper King St. is known for its innovated beverage program and seriously chill vibe. The Belmont is a great place to start your evening—or finish it, if you're planning to stay out late! Just down the road is Republic Garden and Lounge, another cool spot with indoor and outdoor options. The vibe here is way more upbeat, and it becomes more of a dance party the later it gets!

    What To Eat

    If there is one thing to know about Charleston, it is this: Charleston is a foodie town. The people of this city love their food, and we've been spoiled with access to some of the most delicious restaurants in the country. If you’re looking to experience some Southern fare, then you have to check out Magnolia's. I don’t have enough good things to say about this place, and there isn’t anything on the menu that I don’t dream about for days afterward.

    Wise Bride Tip: Restaurants book up incredibly quickly in Charleston, so be sure to make reservations far enough in advance.

    Have A Night Cap

    If everybody isn't stuffed after dinner, you should head down the street to The Gin Joint. This is definitely one of the most unique bars in town. While they do have a fixed cocktail menu, they also have a section called "Bartender’s Choice," which directs you to choose two words from a list and magically results in a to-die-for concoction made by the bartender especially for you.



    There’s no need to even leave your hotel for breakfast because The Mills House has a quaint courtyard dining area with famously scrumptious breakfast options. We told you this was the best place to stay for a bachelorette party in Charleston! Alternately, if you're in need of a little fresh air, pop into Callie's for glorious handmade biscuits and a great cup of coffee. There isn't much room to sit inside, but you can always take the party on the road and go eat in a park—or, better yet, on the beach!


    Get your beach yoga with Serenity Tree. Their special bachelorette party packages are catered to your group and also include aromatherapy, deep relaxation, and some super cute pictures to share when you get home!

    Pamper yourselves before your big night out on the town with a spa day at The Spa at Charleston Place. Treat the girls to some manicures and pedicures as well as rejuvenating massages.


    After you’ve been buffed, scrubbed, and polished, head to the Palmetto Café inside the Charleston Place Hotel for a nice, leisurely lunch. Diners adore the restaurant's giant glass windows, which put the beauty of Charleston on display.


    You girls have to hit up Tease dry bar to beautify yourselves before the evening's festivities. Relax, gossip, enjoy some bubbly, and walk out with a fresh, gorgeous ‘do.


    When you’re gearing up for a crazy night of dancing, you’re going to want a meal that doesn't sit like a rock in your stomach. Enter that perfect, protein-packed, pre-gaming dinner pick: sushi. You are in for a treat when you stop into O-KU for dinner; believe me when I say they have the best sushi in town. The restaurant is located right on King Street, within walking distance of countless bars. I highly recommend ordering the rock shrimp salad and the potato roll (the latter consists entirely of deep-fried potatoes wrapped around sushi. Oh hell yes.).


    There are tons of bars on King Street, but I’ll give you the highlights. First hit up Stars, which has a great rooftop bar and views of the city. Then head over to Fish if you feel like dancing, or get the VIP treatment at Republic, equipped with bottle service.


    When the munchies hit you around 1am, head over to Givonni's for a slice of their New York–style pizza. While you're at it, might as well order a few of their fabulous cannolis as well.


    Sunday is all about recovery. A relaxing brunch will be the perfect cap to your bachelorette party festivities. Charlestonians basically have a Ph.D in brunching, so trust me on this one.

    Brunch Spot

    When it comes to brunch spots in downtown Charleston, Hominy Grill is where it’s at, for a number of reasons:

    • They have something called the Charleston Nasty biscuit. It’s fried chicken and sausage gravy—the holy grail of hangover food.
    • They serve mimosas and Bloody Mary's window-side while you wait for a table. And you will wait, because this place is that good.
    • It has a homey, inviting feel with some outdoor seating available.

    Cheers to you, and to all of the fabulous adventures to be had during your Charleston bachelorette party weekend. I hope this guide helps you put together an itinerary that the bride-to-be will never forget.

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