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    Pinnacle Charleston - DJs for Exceptional Events in Charleston

    It's no secret that your DJ has an enormous impact on your wedding day. Maybe the biggest of all. 

    At Pinnacle, we take that responsibility very seriously.

    We've revolutionized wedding reception music planning and will make your day a more enjoyable, memorable, and an extremely positive experience.  

    Our entertainment team are employees. Not contractors. We're not a booking agency with a dozen "DJs", a franchise, or a "branch office". This all makes Pinnacle one of a kind.

    We don't believe in "cookie cutter" wedding receptions. That's why we ask lots of questions, even before we send you a quote. And we keep asking questions until the week before your wedding. 

    We invest in your memories. We really do.

    Once you're booked, we’ll send you helpful ideas for planning a great reception, including floorplan tips, timeline ideas and music advice based on our award winning years of experience. 

    All this, from your DJ team? Yes!

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