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Spotlight On: Lindsey of Tiger Lily Weddings

When we met with wedding planner Lindsey Shanks of Tiger Lily Weddings in Charleston, we knew immediately that this girl knows her stuff. Inspired after taking a look at her stunning Charleston weddings, I asked Lindsey if she'd please be the very first vendor to be featured on Borrowed & Blue Charleston's "Spotlight Series!" I'm so, so thrilled she obliged us! Read on to learn more about Lindsey & Charleston's new fabulous wedding planning business, Tiger Lily Weddings!

When did you know you wanted to be a wedding planner? What led you to this decision?

I think junior high was the first time I started organizing all my ideas into binders & the dream seamed somewhat do-able. Once I got into high school, I contacted a few local Dallas wedding planners to ask about what my path should look like. Everyone said get a business degree & stay extremely involved. I have never strayed from that path.

You hail from NYC, right? What brought you to Charleston?

I actually hail from Dallas, TX, went to college in Louisiana, moved to NYC for work, and then eventually made my way to Charleston. The move was completely out of curiosity. I was looking at the cost of living one day just in case I wanted to work a summer interning in a different field & the job at Tiger Lily Weddings popped up. I thought it was too good to be true, but I applied anyway. Two years later I am exactly where I was always meant to be. It's a great fit for me. It has a lot of the culture, but not the masses of people everywhere. It's a good balance.

Do you find that most brides marrying in Charleston want their wedding to be a "Southern" wedding?

Yes, I do. It's easy to fall in love with the idea down here but I always try and challenge clients to make the event their own.

What's it like planning a Southern wedding? How are they different from Northern weddings?

I think every region in the US goes about the flow a little differently. Southern weddings require a lot of conversation with strangers & great dance moves. We try and pack all the favorite activities about a wedding into every single moment, as opposed to a more traditional flow of dividing the time between specific activities such as a dinner time, a dance time, etc. We put it all together.

What's your perfect day in Charleston?

Going for a run in the morning, grabbing a sub sandwich from the grocery store, buying a new album on iTunes, and heading out to the beach. A casual dinner with outside seating so I can bring my yellow lab, Teddy, with me.

What has been your most memorable wedding to plan?

I recently did a wedding in the Dominican Republic. I think that wedding required 1 part professional wedding planner and 1 part friend. It was an incredible experience that I cannot imagine doing without absolutely loving my clients. On this trip the brother of the bride was extremely nervous about making a speech. We had actually planned on having him say something at the Welcome Party but then it got postponed from nerves til the night of the wedding. We sat in his hotel room that morning and talked for a long time about the perfect things to say that were heartfelt and funny & he absorbed everything I said & made it his own. When he got up that night I cried like a baby. I was so incredibly proud of his efforts & his wanting to make it perfect for his sister. I have never felt more useful in my life than in that moment.

That's adorable. What is your favorite wedding venue in Charleston? Why?

Top 2 favorites would have to be Lowndes Grove Plantation and the Governor Thomas Bennett House. I love the beautiful house & landscape/outdoor space they both provide. It gives you the opportunity to personalize to each of your clients without feeling repetitive.

If you weren't a professional wedding planner, what would you be doing?

Personal Shopper? Haha! I love picking things out for other people. It helps me feel accomplished.

You're hired. When you're not planning gorgeous weddings, what do you do?

Travel. I have been lucky to have a mom who works for Delta Airlines so jetsetting is slightly easy for me. I am a gypsy at heart. I want to experience everything.

When did Tiger Lily Weddings open the event planning side of the business, Tiger Lily Weddings? What led them to that?

Event Planning started essentially when I came on board, about a year and a half ago. They had been extremely successful in the wedding floral design side, and had requests daily from clients about planning help, so they went for it.

What's it like working with them? What do you love about it?

With wedding planning, you spend a lot of time on your own. Tiger Lily Weddings gives me a team and support that really helps when you are stressed or need a friend. I have a job that most little girls dream of, but it still can be a lot and it's nice to have a family behind you. I love working in floral as well. It's an art form.

Check out two beautiful weddings Lindsey planned: Katie & Luke at The Citadel Beach House & Hyla & Bradley at Lowndes Grove Plantation.

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