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    Wedding Photographer | Stan Weddings.com in Charleston

    My name is Stan, and I’ll be your Wedding Photographer in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, SC or Charlotte, NC as well as all of the other beautiful places along the East Coast. My background comes from working as a paparazzi photographer for a popular magazine, where I learned how to catch the perfect and most ideal moment in literally ANY environment! Combining this experience with over 10yrs of professional photojournalism, and 4+ years of capturing striking images, I now specialize in Wedding Photography & Beach Family Portraits. Today, I’m a successful mid-sized business owner and happily running a full time professional studio,

    where I’m able to take pride in my company’s work and craft the perfect balance of versatility and creative expression. This is my calling, my career, and passion! My hobbies are collecting vintage cameras, studying technology and film, and of course photography. I have the experience to archive your life’s greatest moment using a vision that’ll create timeless memories for many years to come! I know how important this step is for you, your spouse, and your family, so rest assured that you’ve found a brand that’s know for putting quality first. Photography is my passion, and creating stunning products for my customers is my number one priority!

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