If you've been to a fundraiser for one of Charleston's numerous nonprofit organizations, such as the Hollings Cancer Center or Lowcountry Food Bank, or you've attended a fabulous wedding, or if you've ever had a drink in a tent, chances are you've experienced the expertise of Snyder Event Rentals.

    The friendly bartenders who know the right glass for every drink, the dance floor where many a bridesmaid has danced the night away, and the tents that transport guests to Bryant Park catwalks, Hollywood lounges, and beyond, have all contributed to Snyder Event Rental's reputation for facilitating stellar events and the kind of customer service that gives planners and hosts the confidence that all is taken care of.

    But Snyder is hardly a well-worn establishment resting on its laurels. With only a few coolers and a couple of gigs on the books to start, Keith Snyder has built the business in only fifteen years to include over a hundred employees and a 50,000-square-foot warehouse full everything from table linens to outdoor heaters to swanky seating. It's been a good, old-fashioned success story that keeps on getting better.

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